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New Wave/AOR
Leeds, England, United Kingdom


1986 7Trax Pulse
1987 Don't Look Back Pulse
1989 Cry Freedom Pulse


1986 Pulse (EEC059)

Don't Look Back

1987 Pulse (EER079)

Cry Freedom

1989 Pulse (EER111)

Jim Ritchie – Lead vocals, bass, percussion
Gordon Cowan – Keyboards, vocals
George McConnachie – Drums, percussion
Murray McEwan – Guitars
Andi Tooth – Drums, Percussion

Norman Barratt – Guitar
Richard Bowker – Keyboards, piano
Nia – Vocals

  1. Run with the Wind
  2. Son of Man
  3. I am Waiting
  4. It is Finishing
  5. Paid on the Nail
  6. No More Tears
  7. Cry Freedom
  8. Never Trust a Stranger
  9. Take My Life
  10. Liberty
  11. I Will Rise

“Mega rare Scottish melodic rock band releasing Cry Freedom album back in 1989 through Pulse Records, produced by and featuring Norman Barrett. They have a sound that closely resembles Spandau Ballet or Breathe especially on it’s debut album called Don’t Look Back, but now they explore more melodic rock paths, a great combination of melodic rock and new wave with some really impressive tunes reminds bands like Simple Minds, Tuesday Blue, Wet Wet, and Chris Irvine. Triumph has become an instant favourite of the Greenbelt Fringe festival. Triumph has a unique sound in British Christian music, combining searching and intelligent lyrics with a powerful beat.”