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Up from the Underground Volume I

Year: 199?
Genre: Heavy MEtal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Label: A.R.T. Records

This compilation was apparently announced, but never released. The only information about it is from Screams of Abel:

Up from the Underground Volume I will also be out by year's end on A.R.T. Records and will feature cuts by: Deathless, Red Ink, Final Prophecy, Mortal Enemy, Habitat, Sacrament, Precious Death, Godhead, Akeldama, Embryo Chrysalys, Axe Master, Ikthus and Royal Anguish.”

A.R.T. Records in Florida announces the upcoming release of Up From The Underground Volume I with Godhead, Final Prophecy, Final Judgement, The Risen, Royal Anguish, Ikthus, and much more.”