Conversation with Doug Peterson

Mike has a great conversation getting to know the relatively new contributor to Down The Line, Doug Peterson. Doug shares a bit of his faith journey, they discuses the idea of being post-evangelical, and of course they chat about music they dig including the new Lo Tom release.

Interview With Brian Godawa

In this episode Mike talks with author Brian Godawa about his “Chronicles of the Apocalypse” and his end times view called “Orthodox Preterism”.  Brian explains his belief that some of the prophecies that are commonly used to describe a future end times scenario have already occurred.  If verses like Matthew 24:34, “This generation will not pass away” causes you some concern then you might find this alternate view of interest.

Visit to find out more about Brian and his books on Preterism.

The First Show of the New Down the Line Podcast!

Well here it is! Mike Indest and Matt Crosslin talk about the beginning and future of Down The Line. We also discuss the new Rick Alba record, Terry Taylor’s new tunes and offer our brilliant and insightful critiques about the state of the church and music industry.  🙂

Coming Soon

Coming soon-ish? A new podcast of a more general nature. There will still be some talk of music, and the Basement Tapes will still put out a new episode here and there, but this podcast will cover a wider range of issues and topics than just music. Stay tuned!