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Twitter Dee and Twitter Dum

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Decided to start a twitter account just to post quick updates about interesting sites or news bits I find here and there.  Check it out at http://twitter.com/downthelinezine and be our “follower.”  Sounds cultish, huh? My twitter feed is also displayed in a widget on the left if you don’t want to drink the Web2.0 kool-aid.…

Ready, set, ….

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The preparation is exciting, the deadline is looming. I’m very pleased to have this magazine coming together. What can be better then writing about one’s favorite bands? The interview with Allan from Scaterd Few is good – packed full of history. I haven’t seen the Writ On Water piece yet, but I know it will…

Getting the Ball Rolling

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We are hard at work on the very first issue of Down the Line magazine.  Which might not mean much to you now – but it will soon.  We have some great interviews lined up.  We already have a great story on the late, great Scaterd Few by Steve Ruff.  Michael Knott and Writ on…