Dial M by Starflyer 59

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dial-mSTARFLYER 59

2008 Tooth & Nail
Purchase: toothandnail.com
Review by: Matt Crosslin

This Starflyer disc has been a long time coming.  Twenty songs were originally recorded by Jason Martin and company and released on ten seven inch vinyl discs as the Ghosts of the Future box set.  Ten of the best songs from that box set were chosen for this album and re-recorded.  And then a bonus track appeared on the Vinyl and mp3 version of this album on top of all that.  The result is one of the most diverse albums SF59 has put out to date.

I listened to SF59’s debut disc the other day for comparison.  While I love Silver, it is still a very dense disc sound-wise (probably the reason I like it so much).  Compared to Silver, Dial M is full of space and life.  Jason Martin’s songwriting has expanded with every album, and this one is no different.

While this won’t become my favorite SF59 disc, it is quality and it rocks.  There are some good rhythms on this disc, like in “Concentrate,” “Minor Keys,” “Taxi,” and “Automatic.”  But there are also some really beautiful songs like “The Brightest of the Head” and “Mr. Martin.”  If you like the direction that SF59 has been taking over the last few albums, this disc is right up your alley.

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