Ghosts Of The Past by Starflyer 59

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I really didn’t need to buy this album to review it. Not because I illegally downloaded it or anything, but because I am a big fan of this band and I already owned every song on here. Ghosts of the Past is basically a compilation of the Ghosts of the Future vinyl box set, a handful of eps, and the bonus track from the Dial M vinyl/digital version. For those that never bought the vinyl box set, this is good news indeed. For those like me – this collection is a tough choice (and a bit of a rip-off). With today’s technology, couldn’t you have at least sent a coupon out to those that just bought many of the songs on here less than a year ago? And why is the second disc so short? What about putting the Portuguese Blues ep songs on there?

The songs are quality Jason Martin songwriting, leaning a bit more towards keyboards and acoustic guitars than electric guitars. If you don’t already have the song “Magic”, then that song alone is worth the cost of the disc. This disc is a collection of demos, alternate song versions, and b-sides – so be ready for that. Some of the songs can be quite raw in places, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

[2009 Tooth & Nail Records | Purchase:]

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