Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy – WaterSky

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Phil Keaggy and Jeff Johnson together on one album? The amount of talent on display here is mind blowing. I hate to sound cliché, but the best words to describe this collaboration are rich, textured, nuanced, and reflective. Epic is another good overused word that truly applies here – there are eight instrumental tracks that all clock in between 5 and 8 minutes each.

What also really connects with me is that this album feels like a true journey. Sometimes instrumental albums try to take you on a journey, but end up just sounding like random instrumental jams. There is thought and purpose behind every note here that makes you feel like you are seeing different shades of nature while floating along a river.

Phil Keaggy makes his guitar sing on this album like only he can. Jeff Johnson adds brilliant keyboard work along with some otherworldly sounds. I also love the bass and percussion that these artists add. You hear something new each time you listen.

This is actually the second album that this duo has recorded.  Both collections were inspired by their time in the Frio River canyon area of Texas. After experiencing this album, I need to get out and visit this canyon.  It must be one awe-inspiring sight.

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