Sea of Orchids – Washed Out Colors

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Sea of Orchids is a new band that evolved from The Distortion Mirrors, a band that long-time readers might remember was reviewed here way back in 2014. Well, now it is Luke Worle on his own doing “technicolored love letter to the 1980s.” Oh, and did I forget to mention that Sony will release the next Sea of Orchids album called Silvergirl on September 6th? Pretty big deal. So anyways, what about the music you say? The sound really is a mixture of noise, dream pop, shoegaze, 80s nostalgia, and emotion like the promo blurbs online proclaim. You really kind of have to listen closely to appreciate the layers to the music – it’s not so much guitar riff-based music as it is constructed levels that build from each other, like the way the bass and guitar play off of each other in “Evil, Inc.” Of course, then the heavy 80s-new wave synth inspirations of “The Teardrop” come blasting through your earphones and you wish you had a boom box to play it on. But don’t forget there is still the pop element – many songs like the title track “Washed Out Colors” are catchy and experimental and complex at the same time. So go check out this album for now and then their label debut in a couple of weeks.

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