Secret Archives of the Vatican – Barsoom

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After spending 2018 releasing singles and an ep, I had expected Secret Archives of the Vatican to follow the same pattern this year… but they started the new year by teasing a full length album. They released that album in April. Their promo promises everything from “classic pulp science fiction” to “a mysterious Orient that never was” to “Middle Eastern culture” and all kinds of musical genres, and to be honest – that is exactly what they delivered and more. I wish I could find the words to convince you to at least check them out if you never have before. If you are looking for an album that sticks with one genre the whole time, then… well, why would anyone want that anymore? Even punk rock bands mix in other genres all the time. This album would be on whatever side of the spectrum would be from “one genre.” Lots of mixing of various sounds from around the world, although I do feel the Middle Eastern culture a lot on this one. See “Cairo in the War” for example. For the most part, the beats seem to have a mid-pace feel to them, although songs like “Barsoom,” “Citadel of Dust,” and others are faster paced. Really cool cover art as well. So go give them a stream, add them to your playlists, and consider buying a download (name your own price) to support independent artists – especially ones like Secret Archives of the Vatican than have been going since the 1980s.

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