The Beckoning – Demystifying the Oracle

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This was a welcomed release as well as a nice surprise to the ears! I am a huge fan of metal, but I really like the more extreme genres of the spectrum. The Beckoning is a Canadian band that I can best describe as symphonic doom metal with some definite melodic death metal mixed in with a very ethereal backdrop. It works great and is a fun ride from start to end! Meghann and Roy Turple are the masterminds behind the music. They bring together a formula that is unique, nicely layered and very well assembled. I don’t know a whole lot about these two – not sure if they are married or siblings or how they are related. But they have put out a great release that is very reminiscent of the better points of bands like Dimmu Borgir or My Silent Wake. This is diversity of the metal genre at some of its finest! Oh, and the download is free!

[2011 Independent | Download:]

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