The Beckoning – Desolate

a0516550054_2The Beckoning return with a two song demo that is longer than some eps. While there are only two songs here, both clock in at over nine minutes. They also change tempos and signatures frequently, so don’t expect to be bored. And I say that as someone that tends to get bored with the repetitiveness of some extreme music. This is aggressive extreme progressive gothic metal. Growled vocals combined with operatic female vocals, technical thrash metal, spoken word, 70s progrock, and several other influences that form – for lack of better words – an extreme metal symphony movement in each song. But it works, just like on their past demo.  These songs are available for free on their BandCamp page, so check them out. Here’s hoping them still plan to put together a full length soon – technically they only need three more songs to make it happen.

[2014 Independent | Download:]

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