The Distortion Mirrors – Zeros and Kings

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DistortionMirrors_ZerosAndKingsSo what do you get from a band that lists everyone from Black Sabbath to Smashing Pumpkins to Keith Green as influences? Guitar-based noisy alternative rock that is just enough 90s to be retro cool while also being enough modern to not sound dated. The band probably best describes their own sound as a “Technicolor audio roller-coaster ride through fuzzy terrain.” “Prom Queen” is an insanely catchy song with a slight 80s influence that is being streamed as a single at several sites. Go look for it and I dare you not be hooked. The second “half” of this EP finds the band getting even more progressive and experimental – our readers will probably dig this material even more. Album closer “Empyrean Dreams” is pretty trippy stuff that is almost random noise at places – a bit different than the rest but very interesting. The lyrics explore a very interesting tension between dark themes and hope, between dealing with demons and finding redemption. These guys have been gaining quite the buzz all over the interwebs it seems, so expect to hear more from this duo in the future. I know I have found a new band to keep track of.

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