The Lonely Revolts – Broken Bones Burning Hearts

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The Lonely Revolts - Broken Bones Burning HeartsThe Lonely Revolts are back – gruff, rough and in your face. The hard thing about reviewing all of these new Christian punk rock bands is that punk was never really about innovation, but just getting loud and getting something off your chest… so it feels like I write the same thing for all of them. But Thumper Punk seems to find an endless supply of Christian punk bands that really seem to get punk. The Lonely Revolts are not wildly innovative or original, but I can’t help but like it. There is just something about the passion and style of punk that I don’t get tired of… as long as it is played by people that “get” it. The Lonely Revolts “get” it, and if you are like me and can’t help but love punk, this is a release to check out. They really don’t slow down until the last song – kind of. So check this out and hang on for yet another fun punk rock ride.

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