The Now and the Not Yet by Motonaut

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2008 Independent
Review by: Steve Ruff

I first heard about these guys when they sent Down The Line a friend request on MySpace. If I remember correctly they were Michael Knott fans and said something to that effect on their request. I checked out their MySpace page and thought they were pretty cool. Then Matt sent me the CD that they have. This is a short offering, but I really, really like this disc. This release is entitled The Now and The Not Yet, and contains 4 tracks that are described on their site as minimalist, thoughtful, experimental and electro pop. When I first saw ‘electro pop’ I thought of Joy Electric. I’m not knocking Ronnie Martin either, but I can only listen to so much Joy Electric before it all starts sounding the same. Motonaut is different. The singing is upfront and the music does not overpower at all. The music adds a nice, dreamy background and gives a chance for the vocals to stand out. The mix of his (Mike Indest) and her (Jesse Maizlish) vocals together are complimentary and relaxing. The harmonies are precise, and the lyrics are thought provoking and meaningful. Definitely check this disc out, hopefully they will be releasing a full length sometime in the near future.

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