Vicious Cousins – All Disappearing

One day I suddenly wondered why I had not heard any new releases from Kissing Cousins in a while. I looked around and found out that sadly, they had broken up. However, Heather Heywood and Amanda Siara from Kissing Cousins did form a new band, and this ep is their first output. Described as “heavier and spacier” than Kissing Cousins, I would say all fans of their former band should check this out. The overall feel is experimental in nature, metal in instrumentation, punk in attitude, and doom in all the right places. This all comes together in ” We Are Wolves” – one of my favorite tracks – but really, there is not a dud song on the whole ep. It seems like this was only released digitally, but a vinyl version would be sweet (if anyone out there is listening to me). I can’t really find any current information about this band online, so I don’t know if they are still active or not. It would be too bad if this was it.

[2017 Chain Letter Collective |]

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