Letters To Us April 2009

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Bill Speaks

Steve and all,

This thing looks great; If there is justice in the world (and i pray there is) this thing is destined for greatness…

Bravo…and all the best to you!

pax Christi,

Bill Mallonee

(Okay – even when Bill writes a Letter to the Editor, it still sounds cooler than anything I have heard.  Go buy all of this guy’s music already….)

Word From Down Under

I am LOVING it.

I’m down here in Australia and I used to have a couple of radio shows and I’d try and slip in as much Gene Eugene, Terry Taylor, Mike Knott, The Choir, etc., etc.

Please do a story on the amazing Marc Byrd – Common Children, Hammock, The Choir, Glass Byrd, etc., etc… I just LOVE his stuff.

Thanks man!

Keep up the BRILLIANT job

DJ Paine


(Thanks DJ – we will track down Marc if possible. There was much more to this letter, but it was all “etc.’s”, and we were told last issue by the abbreviation police that we are only allowed four per issue.  Which really stinks, because I love abbreviations, acronyms, etc., etc.  Oh, wait… )

The Truth Revealed

Wow, a Vigilantes of Love and King’s X review, and then a Gene Eugene tribute issue! Where have you guys been all my life?! Finally, a magazine that talks about all the music I love. Keep the good stuff coming!

Bp (via the Archives site)

(Where have we been.  Well, you see, it goes something like this… Ten years ago, in 1972, we were part of a crack commando unit that was sent to prison by a military court for a crime we didn’t commit. We promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground…. But the rest is boring and we don’t speak of it much…)

Blog Comments

Issue #2 is great! Good job! The interview with Brian Doidge was a great read and I’m so happy to read about how God has redeemed his life. Can’t wait for issue #3!

Mark Melton

I’m really glad you guys have put together this magazine. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading it, and look forward to future issues. Thank you!

The Spheric1

(and, of course we return fan appreciation by… being late on the next issue once again! We are Gen Xer’s…what  can we say?)


I wanted to write and point out the need for a correction in your latest mag.  In your review for the Sound Gallery “Umbra” record, you have it listed as a 2008 Lo-Fidelity release.  While we dig Herb and his music, this info is incorrect as we have no connection with the release.  Great mag by the way….keep it up.


Jeffrey K.

Lo-Fidelity Records

(Sorry about that ! I’ll have to whip our slacker editor with a wet noodle for that one.  Okay.  Done.  That really doesn’t hurt as much as it should….)

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