Letters To Us August 2009

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Get Along Little Doggies

The Altar Billies want to give “Down the Line Zine” a huge – and gigantic I might add – YYYYEEEEE! HHHHAAAWW for the great write up!! We appreciate you guys and your efforts to support veteran Christian artists. If you ever need the Billies to come out and play a hoedown or hootenannny in your area, then just give is a holler – and a plane ticket er two would be nice, ooohh and an upright would be good too as Johnny is a wee bit nervous about trying to squeeze his bass into one of them overhead bins! Anyway, Lord bless you, keep up the great work, and thanks again for the support!!!

Mike Stand
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(I have to be honest and say that I never thought words like hootenanny or hoedown would ever appear in this magazine. But it makes me want to go to an Altar Billies concert real bad now – sounds fun!)

Because Aliens Cause All Problems
Thanks for the great tribute to one of my favorite artists. I’ve always wondered why none of Gene’s unreleased music has surfaced since his passing. Your article mentions work on an album after Perfecta…where are those tracks? And I’m sure there’s plenty of solo demos and Lost Dogs stuff too. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the music that was released after the deaths Mark Heard and Rich Mullins. I’m sure Gene’s fans would appreciate hearing more of his music if it’s out there. Do you know why nothing’s ever been released? Is anything in the works?

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(We have never heard of anything in the works, but I think the reason why nothing much has been released goes down the same reason why most of the artists we cover have to self-release their work. Record companies are run by aliens. They want to force weird music like the Jonas Brothers and Owl City on us. I think if the average teenie-bopper Owl City fan ever listened a Gene Eugene song, their head would explode from all the honesty. )

DTL Goes Oprah!
Great issue and I really enjoyed the sound gallery interview! Not to complain, but it would have been great to hear more on the Sound Gallery’s / herb’s thoughts on certain celebrities (you know, really dish it out!), his diet tips and tricks, and his secrets on he keeps his love life hot.

Oh well.

Thanks for the Writ on Water write-ups as well (issue 1). After the read, I bought A Wingless King from Amazon mp3 store and listen to it all the time. I would not have heard of them, but for the zine. keep it up!

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(What a lot of people don’t know is that we actually started out as a magazine that examines the diet styles of musicians. But the first issue just ended up being disgusting. Trust me – they eat really bad. So we opted for the whole cliché “music” thing…)

Paging Dr. DTL, Please…
It was great to read an interview about Rick McDonough. But kinda what was just even cooler to me was that Nick Cave AND PJ Harvey were both mentioned in issue #3!!

Wha? Nick Cave and Pj Harvey are two of my most favorite musicians and so it does my heart well to know that Down the Line has such great taste too. ;o)

Mark Melton
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(First diet tips, then love life improvements, and now heart health. We cover it all here at DTL!)

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