Remembering Gene: Brandon Ebel

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1) When did you first meet Gene?
At a Daniel Amos record release party.

2) What projects were you involved in with him?
1994         Spill     Plankeye          Engineer
1995         Starflyer 59 (Gold)     Starflyer 59          Mixing
1995         Spark     Plankeye          Producer, Mixing
1996         Art Core, Vol. 2: Art of Drum & Bass     Various Artists          Mixing
1996         Commonwealth     Plankeye          Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996         Strip Cycle     Mike Knott          Engineer
1997         Americana     Starflyer 59          Organ (Hammond), Producer, Vibraphone, Fender Rhodes
1997         Dogfish Jones     L.S.U.          Organ
1997         One and Only     Plankeye          Organ, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Wurlitzer
1997         Robot Rock     Joy Electric          Producer
1997         Ultra Forever     Fold Zandura          Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1998         Bon Voyage     Bon Voyage          Producer, Mixing
1998         Crackerjack     One Eighty          Keyboards, Producer, Engineer
1998         Fashion Focus     Starflyer 59          Piano, Producer, Fender Rhodes
1998         Happy Christmas: A BEC Holiday Collection  Various Artists  Organ, Producer, Engineer, Farfisa Organ, Mixing
1999         Everybody Makes Mistakes     Starflyer 59          Producer
1999         Fell in Love at 22 [EP]     Starflyer 59          Producer
1999         Gift Horse     The Lost Dogs          Group Member
1999         Here Comes Fanmail [EP]     Fanmail          Keyboards, Engineer
1999         Latest Craze     Fanmail          Keyboards, Producer, Engineer
1999         Lineup     Flight 180          Producer, Mixing
1999         Relocation     Plankeye          Piano, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer
1999         Swing Praise     Various Artists          Arranger, Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999         Yreka Bakery     Pep Squad          Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Mixing
2000         Dust     Sup the Chemist          Engineer, Mixing
2000         Fanmail 2000     Fanmail          Engineer
2000         When the World Sings     Finechina          Engineer
2001         Any Given Day: Passionate Worship for the Soul     Various Artists          Keyboards, Engineer

3) How do you think Gene shaped/impacted the music scene?
Turned the Christian scene upside down with his band, production, and label (Brain Storm).  Legitimized Christian hip hop with groups like SFC.

4) Three words you would use to describe Gene and why?
Genius – amazing producer and song writer
Diplomat – got along with everyone
Quirky – Never knew what he was going to do next


Gene Eugene live, provided by Todd Zeller

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