Remembering Gene: Jon Knox

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GeneJumping1) When/how did you first meet Gene?
I met Gene when I answered an ad in the Recycler magazine in the Chino/Pomona area. The ad read “6 piece dance type band needs a drummer”. I auditioned with several other guys. I thought the audition went well, but I found out later that Gene did not like me at first and tried to get some other guy to play. They kept calling this other guy but he never returned Gene’s calls. So, he called me and told me I got the gig. We started rehearsing and touring in Canada a month later. It was the beginning of a beautiful musical relationship.

2) What projects were you involved in with Gene?
Adam Again, Riki Michele, Lost Dogs, Crystal Lewis, Deliverance, Freedom of Soul, Dynamic Twins, Soldiers for Christ and others.

3) How do you think Gene shaped/impacted the music scene?
Gene always had a keen sense and an inspired creativity. He just knew how to bring out the best in any artist he was working with.

4) Three words you would use to describe Gene?
Passionate, creative and inspirational

5) As a friend of yours, how did Gene influence you?
Gene taught me how to release and take in the moment.

(Gene Eugene promo shot provided by Todd Zeller)

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