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Industrial / Metal
Custer, Washington, USA

In 1988, Ross Assink and Ernie Pratt formed Arbitrage as a classic hard rock band in Washington State; Pratt left after one year, however, and Assink shifted to an industrial-metal sound with heavy guitars and samples. He released a collection of demos and then three independent albums: Music for the Sacrifice, The Healing Power of Death (1992) and Propitiation Complete: The Shedding of Deity's Blood (1994). Assink also works in the industrial-noise project Citadel of Susa with his wife Monica.


From Screams of Abel: “Washington State death/industrial band Arbitrage have released their THIRD demo, The Healing Power of Death, including a 24-minute long epic, “Land of Hypocrisy”, making Arbitrage the band with the longest recorded song in heavy Christian music (congrats!)”


1988 Graphic
1991 Music for the Sacrifice
1992 The Healing Power of Death
1994 Propitiation Complete: The Shedding of Deity's Blood


1988 Independent

  1. Murder the Children
  2. Hell
  3. Yeah
  4. Answer Me
  5. Dark Ages
  6. Better __(?)

Music for the Sacrifice

1991 Independent

Ross Assink – Words and music

  1. Die for Me
  2. Return from Hate
  3. Lie
  4. Monster
  5. Stone Cold
  6. Mind Rape
  7. Nothing
  8. Rot
  9. Quonset Jungle

The Healing Power of Death

1992 Independent

  1. Failure
  2. Breathe
  3. The Reality of Evil
  4. Guillotine
  5. In the Presence of Demons
  6. My God
  7. I O Error
  8. Land of Hypocrisy

Propitiation Complete: The Shedding of Deity's Blood

1994 Independent

  1. Of Infinite Dimensions (2:37)
  2. Aberrant Mold of Perfection (7:03)
  3. Unto Vomit (11:25)
  4. The Seven Eyes of God (6:09)
  5. T.U.L.I.P. (2:17)
  6. A Futile Attempt at Mind Exclusive Space Time Manipulation (7:53)
  7. Roman Torture; Setting: Praetorium - A Medical Description (8:25)
  8. In Regards to Flesh (4:55)
  9. That God's Purpose in Election May Stand (8:08)

Compilation Appearances

Electro Shock Therapy (R.E.X. Music 1995)

11) A.F.A.A.M.E.S.T.M. (5:36)