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Who Can Be Added

Basically, anyone that you think explored edgy, alternative music in 1980s or early 1990's from a Christian faith perspective of some kind. They may not have sung about their faith, or have even been sure of their spiritual beliefs. That is okay. I think you get the idea.

The “Jesus Music” of the 1960's and 70s is pretty well covered at other sites. Music after the mid-90s usually has good coverage online, as well as all “Christian” Rap, techno, and metal. Alternative music seems to have been left out, especially music made by independent and underground artists. This site will be for any bands that have been left out, no matter how obscure. Even if it turns out that they never were Christian or have since turned away. I guess you could say that these are bands that are “of interest to Christians.”

What Can Be Added

We want this to be pretty complete, so any music that is made can be added - demos, singles, unreleased songs, compilation appearances, etc. Information, stories, and trivia are all welcome. I know Wikipedia frowns on trivia, but we like it. Images, artwork, and other media are welcomed. We would also love to archive concert flyers, promos shots, even magazines some day. There are some legal issues with magazines, but if you used to have a magazine and would like us to archive it, let us know. Also feel free to embed YouTube videos, music players, etc. If you know where some one can listen to or get the music, please include that.

Notice on Music: if you are in a band and would like to share your music, please contact us and let us know. There are certain standards we would like to keep, especially legal ones… and we would need to host the files off-site. Tapes and vinyl are even welcome - we can digitize them.

Notice on Videos: YouTube videos can be added to our pages - we have an extension for that. See the Plugin Guidepage for details.

How Is All of This Organized?

Good question. This is where the details come in. The first place to start would probably be the list of All Bands. Add the band you want to archive to the list. But check the list first to make sure there isn't already a page for the band. Then edit that page. Add all of the info you have. See the sample band page for a format. There is also a template text file you can use. Make sure you also adhere to Legal Guidelines. If a band has a really good discography on another site, feel free to just link to that, or create your own by listing the bands releases in a discography list. Make sure to list albums details on the same page as the band details - its less work that way.

Also on the band page, make sure to add at least one genre. Check the Musical Styles page for existing genres before creating new ones. Feel free to create new genre categories if needed - just make sure not to duplicate something that is already there.

For each album, please include all liner notes that you can find. Lyrics are not going to be allowed for now due to legal reasons, but that may change. Feel free to add details or stories about the album, and make sure to include a cover image.

Please make that every album has a link to all applicable music labels. Make sure you check the Music Labels page to see if a music label already exists. If a record label exists under a different variation of the name you want to use, please use the existing page and just change the name for the link after the |.

Oh, and make sure you check spellings of people's names, so that duplicate pages are not created.

If you are adding a compilation album, please make sure that you create a link for each artist involved.

If you are copying a page from Wikipedia, make sure to remove all the links to random words in the content you copy. We really don't feel like re-defining “record producer” and “California” and other words like that here.

Any other questions, please contact us.