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Genre:Hard Rock
Years Active:1989-????
Label:Connector (1989-90), Road Records (????)
Past Members:Ytsje Droogsma, Jouke Droogsma, Benno Niemeijer, Johan Boersma, Mark Maas, Meine Bruinsma

Changed was a hard rock band from the Netherlands. Not much is known about the band, other than they had a hard rock sound similar to Resurrection Band. They were led by the husband/wife team of Ytsje Droogsma and Jouke Droogsma.


1989 Who is Real?
1990 Wake Up
???? Skinny & Naked
???? Favourite Food

Who Is Real?

Label:Connector (CON 8075)

Who is Real? is the first album by Netherlands band Changed.

Track listing
  1. Useless After All
  2. Masks
  3. My Fault
  4. Hunger For Company
  5. Tell The Children
  6. Share It With God
  7. Where Is God In Your Life
  8. The Answer Of My Life
  9. What Life Is All About
  10. Lost And Lonely

Wake Up

Genre:Hard Rock
Label:Connector (CON 8076)

Wake Up is the second album by Netherlands band Changed.

  • Ytsje Droogsma: Vocals
  • Jouke Droogsma: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
  • Benno Niemeijer: Bass, Keyboards
  • Johan Boersma: Drums (tracks: 1, 3-11)
  • Mark Maas: Drums (tracks: 2, 12, 13)
  • Meine Bruinsma: Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Eise v/d Sluis: Saxophone
Track listing
  1. There In A Minute
  2. What You Will Find
  3. Big Shot
  4. Silent Suffering
  5. Before You Know It
  6. The Question What For
  7. You Are Forgiven
  8. What Do We Miss
  9. You Have It
  10. Dead End Street
  11. Cage Cage
  12. Hunger For Company
  13. Masks
  • Tracks 12, 13 are recorded live in Dronten in June 1990.
  • Recorded At – Sound By Ron Studio
  • Mixed At – Sound By Ron Studio and Telesound Studio

Skinny & Naked

Genre:Hard Rock
Label:Road Records

Skinny & Naked is the third album by Netherlands band Changed.

Track listing
  1. God is Deaf
  2. Trouble Seeker
  3. Only One Another
  4. Skinny and Naked
  5. I Don't Care
  6. It's Not Easy
  7. Use It Well
  8. Take My Hand
  9. Say Stop

All Songs by Jouke Droogsma

Favourite Food

???? Independent

  1. Skinny and Naked
  2. There in a Minute
  3. I Don't Care
  4. Disappointed Woman
  5. Masks
  6. What's the Secret
  7. Tell the Children
  8. Hunger for Company
  9. Silent Suffering
  10. Dead End Streets