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Martha's Wake

Progressive Rock
Denver, Colorado, USA

“Formed in the nineties, this Colorado area band released its debut effort on cassette. Sofia, which was released on Custom Records in 1995, garnered praise from local radio stations as well as Denver area newspapers. Steeped in a mix of progressive rock with hints of alternative and gothic rock, this Christian-oriented band released Coloring China in 1996. Martha's Wake toured throughout Europe and across the United States in support of the album, including a stop at the Cornerstone Music Festival. The group also earned a nomination at the fifth annual Los Angeles Music Awards. In 1998, Martha's Wake released Time And Elements, a record which followed a similar tone as its predecessor but didn't have as much fanfair resulting from it. The band also were part of a compilation entitled Light From Underground, Vol. 2. Martha's Wake has been compared to The Calm as well as Emerald. Martha's Wake has also shared the stage with Fourth Estate among others.”


“Rock band from Denver, Colorado, active in the 1990s. Consisted of three male and three female members, of which four were couples - Lori & J. W. Penzien and Melody & Jon Nichols + Leah Carson and Drew Cullis. Their music has been described as middle eastern gothic with progressive rock influences, Coloring China from 1996 is a masterpiece.”



199? Romans (demo)
1993 Romans
1995 Sofia
1996? Demo
1996 Coloring China Hapi Skratch Entertainment
1998 Time & Elements Kingdom Records

Romans (demo)

199? Independent

Leah Carson – Vocals
Lori Carter – Backup vocals and flute
Drew Cullis – Drums
Jon Nichols – Guitar
Melody Nichols – Bass and back-up vocals
J.W. Penzien – Keyboards

  1. Burn Out
  2. Lament of Planet Earth
  3. Just Like Me
  4. Righteous Man
  5. Scarlet Letter
  6. Café Moderato


1993 Independent

Leah Carson – Vocals
Drew Cullis – Drums and Percussion
Jon Nichols – Guitar
Melody Nichols – Bass and back-up vocals
J.W. Penzien – Keyboards
Lori Penzien – Backup vocals, flute, and trumpet

  1. Burn Out
  2. SG-18
  3. Shadows
  4. The Race of Life
  5. Rain
  6. Scarlet Letter
  7. Just Like Me
  8. Lament of Planet Earth
  9. Righteous Man
  10. Cafe Moderato


1995 Independent

Leah Carson - Lead vocals
Jon Nichols - Guitar, dulcimer
Melody Nichols - Bass, backing vocals
J. W. Penzien - Keyboards
Lori Penzien - Flute, trumpet, backing vocals
Drew Cullis - Drums

Produced by Dave Beegle

  1. The Ballad of Martha
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Dancing on the Edge
  4. A Monster in the Night
  5. Passion and Innocence
  6. I Believe
  7. War Within
  8. Children


1996? Independent

  1. Threshing Floor
  2. I Saw an Elephant
  3. Intro
  4. Paper Cup of Dreams
  5. With the Sun

Coloring China

1996 Hapi Skratch Entertainment

Leah Carson - Vocals
Jon Nichols - Guitar, dulcimer
Melody Nichols - Lead and backing vocals, bass guitar
J.W. Penzien - Keyboards, piano
Lori Penzien - Backing vocals, flute, trumpet, congas
Drew Cullis - Drums, electronic drums

Produced by Dave Beegle

  1. Alice is All Alone (4:14)
  2. War Within (4:08)
  3. China Coloring China (2:55)
  4. Stone From a Poet's Grave (5:42)
  5. Passion and Innosence (5:32)
  6. The Ballad of Martha (4:52)
  7. Sofia (1:00)
  8. Paper Cup of Dreams (4:21)
  9. Threshing Floor (4:30)
  10. I Saw an Elephant (4:06)

Time & Elements

1998 Kingdom Records (092998)

Jon Nichols - Acoustic guitar, classical guitar, slide guitar, dulcimer
Melody Nichols - Bass, backing vocals
J.W. Penzien - Keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Lori Penzien - Lead vocals, flute, quena, trumpet, congas, keyboards
Drew Cullis - Drums, electronic drums, percussion

Dave Beegle - Guitar, keyboards
Sandy Mullins - Ocarina
Dan Epperson Trombone
Larry Dunn - Violin

Produced by Dave Beegle

  1. Razor Blade Girl (3:11)
  2. “Fire” in Harlem (0:38)
  3. Wait (2:58)
  4. Under My Skin (4:33)
  5. Different (4:02)
  6. “Ether” Out of the Silent Planet (1:30)
  7. Embrace (3:32)
  8. Bitter I Know (4:00)
  9. “Air” Notes to the Wind (1:52)
  10. Kisses from the Sun (3:18)
  11. Solitary God (4:24)
  12. Everything (2:37)
  13. Sacred “Earth” (2:55)
  14. Rapunzel (5:18)
  15. “Water” Neptune's Grave (2:51)
  16. “Time” (0:09)