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 ====== R.O.C.K. ====== ====== R.O.C.K. ======
-Hard Rock+Hard Rock\\ 
 +Arlington, Texas, USA 
 +R.O.C.K. ("​Revolution Of Christian Knights"​) formed in 1987 as a 4 piece hard rock band with Tony Larussa on lead vocals and guitars, Fred Garza on guitars, Ken Kelly on bass, and Barry Zeller on drums. In 1992 vocalist Mike Foster joined the band, while Tony decided to focus specifically on guitar. The band went more in a power metal direction, so they decided to change names to [[Thunderchild]].
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
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 1989 Independent 1989 Independent
 +Tony Larussa ​ - Lead vocals, guitars\\
 +Fred Garza - Guitars\\
 +Ken Kelly - Bass\\
 +Barry Zeller - Drums
   - Walk by Faith   - Walk by Faith