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The Bumpus Hounds

Industrial Metal
Cedar Park, Texas, USA

According to the Industrial Revoultion in Winter 1991: “Cyber-core (my name for it) is also taking the scene by force. With Mortal already out and Circle of Dust due out in March, Chatterbox, The Bumpus Hounds, and others are following suit. They all have a distinct sound, though. The Bumpus Hounds is a collaboration of Eric Shirey and Oatmeal (of Houston’s Red Ink). They combine bizzare samples and core style guitar (lots of it) for a very Godflesh-ish sound. Rumor has it that Deitiphobia is collaborating for a cyber-core project to be released on Blonde Vinyl through SLAVA Music. I hear that it combines a sort of Ministry Land of… with the quirkiness that spell Deitiphobia and that some Blonde Vinyl artist may show up on the album (is BV taking over the show?)”