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Veil of Ashes

Alternative Rock
San Francisco, California, USA

Veil of Ashes was an alternative band influenced by The Doors and Gene Loves Jezebel. They were a local favorite in the San Francisco bay area. After releasing a pair of demos (both produced by Nelson DiMarco of The Hounds of Heaven), they signed to Graceland Records to release their full-length debut Pain. Pain was intended to be the first part of a trilogy, the following albums to be called Passion and Promise. However, the label folded before those albums were recorded.

The band continued, recording a demo ep and releasing their first two demos as a compilation on Blonde Vinyl Records called The Young and Reckless: The Regression of Veil of Ashes. After the Blonde Vinyl release, the band changed members and shortened the band name to Veil. They signed with Eden Records and released the full-length Mr. Sunshine.

In 1994, the band recorded three demos that they shopped around to labels. When this was not successful, they called it a day. Those songs were not released until 2013, when the band got together to release a compilation album. This album (Eternal Teenage Angst) contained demos, live songs, and one newly recorded cover song.

Sean Patrick Doty also released a solo album under the band name of Unveiled called Youth Music, as well as producing demos for bands such as Society. Sterling has been a part of many bands as well, including They.


1987 Veil of Ashes Prayers for the World Realty Records
1987 Veil of Ashes Nëgro Realty Records
1989 Veil of Ashes Pain Graceland Records
1991 Veil of Ashes Veil of Ashes ep Realty Records
1992 Veil of Ashes The Young and Reckless: The Regression of Veil of Ashes Blonde Vinyl Records
1992 Veil Mr. Sunshine Eden Records
1994 Veil Demos
2013 Veil of Ashes Eternal Teenage Angst

Prayers for the World

1987 Realty Records

Sean Patrick Doty – Poet, guitar
Sterling – Bass
Phil Meads – Drums

Chuck Harris – Engineer

Produced by Nelson DiMarco

  1. I.C.U. (2:44)
  2. Only Love (3:16)
  3. Falling (3:56)
  4. I Know (3:27)


1987 Realty Records (TP0002 1987)

Sean Patrick Doty – Guitar, poet, voice, piano
Sterling – Bass
Phil Meads – Drums, percussion

Nelson DiMarco – Keyboards

Produced by Nelson DeMarco and VOA

  1. Tears on the Red (3:40)
  2. Hide Me (4:23)
  3. Liturgy (5:41)
  4. Let Me Die (3:20)
  5. Without Eyes (3:21)
  6. Blood & Fire (3:29)
  7. Only Love (3:55)
  8. Apology (3:19)