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Eternal Destiny

Hard Rock
Valley Stream, New York, USA

Eternal Destiny was a 90s hard rock / groove metal band that existed from about 1988-1995. Some also describe their sound as a bit like the lighter side of Bride or Guardian.


Paradise Awaits

1991 Independent


  1. Paradise Awaits
  2. Greater Love
  3. I've Got a Ticket
  4. The Cure
  5. 100% Pure
  6. Whenever I Need You
  7. 'Til the End of Time
  8. Rock of Salvation

Eternal Destiny

1994 Independent

David P. Moen - Lead vocals, background vocals
John Betz - Lead guitar,  rhythm guitar, background vocals
Chris Cogliano - Bass guitar, background vocals
Anthony Cellucci - Drums

Glen Hansen - Background vocals

  1. I Love the Lord
  2. Hang in There
  3. Why Go to Hell


1995 Independent

  1. Love Waits
  2. Rationalize
  3. Give You All

Live, Loud, and Louderer

1995 Independent

  1. Love Waits
  2. Verbal Sword
  3. Just Like U
  4. Sinful Society
  5. Into the Streets
  6. Follow You
  7. 'Tis So Sweet