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Face of Five

Band: Face of Five
Origin: Torrance, California, USA
Genre: Alternative Rock
Years Active: 1986?-1990?
Label: Victoria Ltd
Members: John Hall, Ken Roberts, Taylo
Associated Acts: Daniel Amos


Face of Five is an Alternative Rock band from Torrance, California. Not much is known about the band, outside of this information shared in Facebook group posting once:

This is a awesome band that consists of John Hall on vocals & guitar; Ken Roberts on guitar, production & engineering; and Taylo on keyboards. Daniel Amos guitarist Greg Flesch wrote the song “Are We So Wise” and plays guitar on here also, along with Kevin Fischer, bass by Jeffery Allen & Ralph Clayton, drums by David Casanova & Tim Pope. Every song on here is awesome, and the musicianship is TOP NOTCH!! The guitar work alone is pretty amazing, but the lyrics & song arrangements are second to none.

One single from 1986 surfaced on ebay, and then a demo from 1990. Outside of those dates, it is unknown when the formed, what happened between 1986 and 1990, and how long they existed after 1990. Ken Roberts is the only person credited on the 1986 single.


1986 And Like the Leaves (single) Victoria Ltd
1990 The Famous and the Forgotten Victoria Ltd

And Like the Leaves (single)

Genre: Alternative Rock
Year: 1986
Recorded: Victoria Studios, Torrance, California
Label: Victoria Ltd VS-004
Producer: Ken Roberts
Band Members
  • Ken Roberts: Guitar
  • (others unknown)
Track listing
  1. And Like the Leaves (3:35) (Roberts)
  2. And Like the Leaves (5:14) (Roberts)

The Famous and the Forgotten

Genre: Alternative Rock
Year: 1990
Recorded: Victoria Studios, Torrance, California
Label: Victoria Ltd VCC-007
Producer: Ken Roberts
Band Members
  • John Hall: vocals & guitar
  • Ken Roberts: Guitar
  • Taylo: Keyboards
Support Musicians
  • Jeffrey Allen: Bass guitar
  • Ralph Clayton: Bass guitar
  • David Casanova: Drums
  • Tim Pope: Drums
  • Greg Flesch: Guitar
  • Kevin Fisher: Guitar
  • Suzie Cappetta: Backing vocals
  • Mike Cappetta: Backing vocals
  • Ralph Clayton: Keyboards
  • Lorenza: Sax
Track listing
  1. One Love (4:01) (Fisher)
  2. Turn Away (3:07) (Roberts)
  3. The Falling Reign (3:44) (Roberts & Hall)
  4. Pass the Torch (4:14) (Fisher)
  5. Waiting for You (3:30) (Fisher)
  6. I am the Wounded Warrior (5:34) (Roberts & Hall)
  7. Ring a Ring (3:45) (Roberts)
  8. And Like the Leaves (5:31) (Roberts)
  9. Are We So Wise (4:38) (Roberts & Flesch)