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Alternative Rock
Fullerton, California, USA

Joey “Ojo” Taylor is an American bassist, vocalist, and keyboardist best known for his work with the Christian rock band Undercover. He produced and was a studio musician for Nobody Special, the stage name for his brother, Pat “Nobody” Taylor.

Taylor has one solo album, recorded using high-tech 80s technology for the time: “I had bought an Apple IIe computer in 1983 and MIDI sequencing software that I used to 'record' the album into the computer. I did it without the benefit of hard drives, which were really expensive and not widely used in the early 1980s. So here I am swapping floppy disks and all, and the software was very rudimentary, but it did allow me to program all the keyboard layers and the bass, and drum parts. I used two digital sampling keyboards plus a rack of analog keyboards for the sounds. It was all driven by the little Apple IIe with no hard drive. All I had to do then was to record guitars and vocals in the studio and then whatever other parts I wanted to add to specific songs like percussion and sax.”

Taylor co-owned the Brainstorm Artists International record label with songwriter and Adam Again frontman, Gene Eugene and Barry Hill. He received his MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles and MM from California State University, Fullerton. He teaches History of Rock, Artist Management, Songwriting, Marketing of Recorded Music, Legal Aspects of Music Industry, and Entrepreneurship at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is now a self-proclaimed atheist. Around 2010-2011 he began working with the Meus Music Group / the newly re-formed Frontline Records to help legally re-issue older titles. He also releases songs occasionally, as well as worked on the final Dead Artist Syndrome album.


1988 Relative Broken Records


1988 Broken Records

Written, arranged, produced, and performed by Joey Taylor

Joey Taylor - Guitar on “Animals and Trees,” “The Fire Rising,” “The Witch Hunt,” and “He Fell in the Water”
John McNamara - Lead vocals on “(Give Me) A Moment of Your Time” and “Sha Nu Mi”
Dino Elefante - Guitar solo and Congas on “(Give Me) A Moment of Your Time,” Lead vocals on “Give Your Children Wisdom”
Karl Denson - Tenor saxophone and flute on “(Give Me) A Moment of Your Time”
Michael Knott - Lead vocals on “Animals and Trees” and “The Witch Hunt”
Inki Svensson - Lead vocals on “The Fire Rising” and “Love In Wonder”; backing Vocals on “(Give Me) A Moment of Your Time,” “Animals and Trees,” “Sha Nu Mi,” “The Witch Hunt,” “Give Your Children Wisdom,” “He Fell in the Water,” and “Love in Wonder”
Terry Scott Taylor - Lead vocals on “He Fell in the Water”
Karl Denson - Soprano saxophone on “He Fell in the Water”
Nathan Alford, Jr. - Additional percussion; congas on “The Dance of the Secret People”; hand drums with Joey on “Box of Treasures”; shaker, jingle bells, assorted percussion on “Sha Nu Mi,” “Box of Treasures,” “The Witch Hunt,” and “The Dance of the Secret People”
Gene Eugene - Guitar on “He Fell in the Water”, Backing Vocals on “Animals and Trees” and “He Fell in the Water”
Greg Lawless - Guitar on all tracks except “The Fire Rising” and “The Witch Hunt”
Marky Schrock - Guitar (including the lead) on “The Witch Hunt”
Dave Hackbarth - Backing Vocals on “The Witch Hunt”
Gary Olson - Backing Vocals on “Sha Nu Mi,” “The Witch Hunt,” and “Give Your Children Wisdom”
Joey-Jon Taylor (Squid) - Backing Vocals on “He Fell in the Water”
Marie McGilvray - Backing Vocals on “(Give Me) A Moment of Your Time,” “Sha Nu Mi,” “Give Your Children Wisdom,” and “Love in Wonder”
Mark Krischak - Backing Vocals on “Give Your Children Wisdom”
Riki Michele - Backing Vocals on “(Give Me) A Moment of Your Time,” “Animals and Trees,” “Give Your Children Wisdom,” and “Love in Wonder”
Skylar (Crystal Lewis) - Backing Vocals on “(Give Me) A Moment of Your Time”

  1. (Give Me) A Moment of Your Time (5:55)
  2. Animals and Trees (4:30)
  3. Sha Nu Mi (5:20)
  4. Box of Treasures (4:06)
  5. The Fire Rising (2:46)
  6. The Witch Hunt (3:56)
  7. Give Your Children Wisdom (3:38)
  8. The Dance of the Secret People (5:04)
  9. He Fell in the Water (3:53)
  10. Love in Wonder (4:43)