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Urgent Cry

Heavy Metal
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

After this band broke up, Ken Steorts joined John Cooper of Seraph to form Skillet.


1994 Love 3 Big Toe Records


1994 Big Toe Records

Jamie Baker - Lead vocals, BGVs, acoustic guitar
Gaylon Kiley Butler - Bass, BGVs
Brad Davis - Drums and all percussion
Ken Steorts - Lead guitar, acoustic, BGVs

Note: this album was released as side 2 of a split tape with Seraph on Side 1. Ken Steorts served as producer and engineer for the Seraph tracks. These songs were recorded and produced by Jimi Jamison from Survivor.

  1. (Your Love is) Foolish
  2. I Disappear
  3. Light of the World
  4. Love to the Third Power