Letters to Us April 2010

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Pre-Orders Are Good – Really!

In reference to the Saviour Machine / Eric Clayton journals update:

Thanks for the update. I can’t wait to get a copy!

Aaron Swartz
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(Aaron – we can’t wait to get a copy, either!  The problem is that people are a little gun shy with pre-orders. Pre-orders ALWAYS get stretched longer than anticipated. Bands and artists wouldn’t take pre-orders if they had tons of cash sitting around. So – go out and order the Eric Clayton journals NOW if you haven’t.  Okay, got it? Rant over…)

Mad at the Industry

In reference to the Roger Rose / Mad at the World article:

I was fortunate enough to have discovered them in 1990, just after Flowers in the Rain was released. I then purchased Mad at the World and every MATW album as it was released. It’s too bad that the Christian Music Industry stinks because we really could use more quality music from this band and others the industry dumped on. I miss you Roger, but still have all of your CDs to listen to. Thanks for the music!!

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(did you mean to say “dumped on”, or “took a dump on”? Either way, probably both accurate descriptions of the way many record labels treat bands. I have always wanted to start a record company and call it Cottonelle – the label that wipes off the mess left by other labels. I’m sure that wouldn’t lead to lawsuits or anything…)

Never Too Good

Just read the new issue! You guys are too good to me! Thanks so much!

Peace and Blessings,

Josh Lory
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(Ahh, but you were too good to us, first. Thanks for putting out all the cool free music! Everyone go and check out Western Grace now. We have only mentioned like a million times here that it is FREE!)




(This space left blank because we are getting no letters to the Editors recently. Well, either that or I lost some.  How controversial do we have to get before we finally make someone mad? Don’t make us go all contro-crazy, now. Send us some eLetters!)

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