Letters to Us February 2012

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Love For Bill Mallonee

Great Interview. I’ve followed Bill, well as far back as I can remember. The beautiful thing about all of his stuff is that it still breathes. I never tire of it. It only becomes more habitual.

Dallas Pfeiffer

Picked me up some VoL at a time when I was searching for some answers, some solutions to my weaknesses, frailties and addictions. I was hooked from the get-go. The VoL catalogue and the Bill Mallonee catalogue continue to be where I go when I need to know that, yes, someone else knows the struggles and still finds hope. Bill Mallonee is about as “real” an artist and man as you’ll ever hear.

Bill, hope you’re enjoying life out here in the great Southwest! Looking forward to your next jaunt to Phoenix!

Patrick Mertz

(Both of these comment came from an online exclusive Bill Mallonee article that you can find here.)

But We Dream of Being Fake Famous

Dear DTL:

Hey, thanks for the zine! I just found you guys online (via Bill Mallonee’s link to your interview), and now I’m sitting here listening to an unreleased TPC album. Whoda thunk?

I used to play in a “CCM” band. I was not, however, anything even like the fake-famous that makes you. I do still have a band, though, and if we ever produce anything worthwhile, I’ll definitely let you guys know.

Also, I could use that cheesecake recipe, if you’ve got it handy.


John Caparoon

(thanks John – and we would love to know what you end up doing, fake or otherwise 🙂)

The Shiny Darks Rock!

I just saw your review of my band, The Shiny Darks! Thank you so much for the support! We are still giving away the EP for free. We just want to get our name out there. If there’s anything I can do to help you guys, let me know. I am putting your review in our EPK by the way. Thanks again!

Quenton Rockwell

(Thanks Quenton! Glad to know the ep is still free. If someone other there doesn’t have it yet – get it now! That is all)

The Waiting Is Almost Over

I have been waiting for the Slide release for quite some time. Glad to hear the album is worth the wait, and I hope to be able to see them live.

Joe C.

(I think the wait nearly killed us all J But if it all works out, look out for a CD review and new interview soon)

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