Letters to Us July 2010

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Veil of Ashes Bassist Speaks

My favorite issue to date……. Sean of course I know very well and Ric has become a friend through FB but, a good friend all the same. I like the way every one who told their story came from a very different place in lives with their identity which shows how human this thing is indeed……..

Brian Kirsch (aka Sterling)

(thanks Sterling – and this issue, we even get to hear more from you – bonus!)

THE Christopher Speaks

Thank you for all the effort it took to put this issue together.  Christians need to hear these stories, and I’m grateful that you were open-minded to see them as important enough to share with us.

The evangelical Christian church as a general rule isn’t comfortable with anything that isn’t black and white, and often prefers to judge first and ask questions later… if they even bother to.

We can argue theology until we’re blue in the face, but unless we see the other person as a human being with the same needs, concerns, desires, hopes and fears as us–rather than a Faceless Other With An Agenda–we’ll never come to any place of understanding or reconciliation.

Our walk with Christ is an ongoing, lifelong process, and while it’s easier to pass judgment on others rather than extend grace to them, it’s the latter that Jesus has called to do.

Thanks again.


(I was going to name one of my children your name, but since it is trademarked… back to the drawing board…)

Flavor of the Month

Hey there!

Just wanted to let you guys know what a fine job you’re doing on this magazine. It’s been a long time since there’s actually been a music magazine that I look forward to reading. The Christian market is so concerned with the “flavor of the month” that so many great artists get lost in the mix. Thank you for covering some of my favorites (King’s X, Terry Taylor, Lost Dogs, etc.). I was particularly touched by the tribute to Gene Eugene. He remains one of my favorite singers and songwriters and it was great to read the reflections (warts and all) of his friends and family. And though I’ve never been a fan of Brian Healy and D.A.S. I appreciate that you printed his interview “as is,” so to speak. I wish more Christian magazines would have that kind of integrity. Speaking of integrity, not many Christian zines would give Dug Pinnick the time of day anymore so thank  you for that as well.

As of the date of this email Lost Dogs will release “Old Angel,” their Route 66 album tomorrow. Any chance on doing a Lost Dogs feature about the project? What about The Choir’s new album? Or Sixpence None the Richer, who are current recording an album (if I recall correctly)?

There is no other site doing what you guys do that I know of. Just want to thank you again for all the hard work!


Adam Sherwood

(Thanks, Adam – and some of those bands are coming in the future!)

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