Letters to Us July 2012

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More Articles That Rock

I’ve written about Michael Knott for @Image_Journal here: ow.ly/cee0M, thought you might enjoy the read. 🙂 My supplemental Knott piece for that essay is here: ow.ly/cee88.

My essay for @Image_Journal / @Patheos on Undercover is live. It’s definitely in your wheelhouse. 🙂 ow.ly/cgq8n

I’m really glad you exist. You’re chronicling the life of a sub-culture that few others have.

Chad Thomas Johnston

(okay, so I cheated a bit on this one – it is a combination of tweets and not an actual letter, per se. Just tryin’ to keep up with the kiddos and what they think is hop today. Besides, Saint Upid writes some cool stuff and he follows Rachel Held Evans, so go check him out)

Love for Doc Love

Great article guys – thank you. The 77s meant a lot to me as a “fringey” girl in a small town, choosing to be a Christian. I appreciate that Mike brings the story to spiritual thoughts and the theme of reconciliation with band members, and seems to have a good grasp on what those years meant.


(So what is this about? Why, none other than our online exclusive article “Mike Roe: Doc Love dishes on the soon to be released reissue of Sticks and Stones”. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Historical Resources Rock

I run a magazine index of covering Christianity and music [cmnexus.org]. Our content runs the gamut from the Jesus music era until today. We cover mags like CCM, HM, Harvest Rock Syndicate, when we can dig them up.

Daniel Billings
Editor, cmnexus.org

P.S. Issue three seems to be unavailable.

(CM Nexus great site with a ton of info to dig through. Check it out when you get a chance.)

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