Letters to Us May 2011

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Superior Comments Rule

What a real breath of fresh air elim Hall’s “Things Break” was when it was first released way back in 1986. With a sound that borrowed heavily from bands like The Police, The Outfield, Duran Duran, and the already mentioned U2, they introduced something to CCM that had never been heard before or since. But because their lyrics dealt with things like loss, science, longing, and death, they didn’t quite fit into the syrupy-sweet musical mold that most most Christian radio stations were looking to play. Consequently, their music was overlooked by far too many in spite of all the critical praise it received at the time. It’s been twenty-five years since “Things Break” was first released, and it still finds its way through my iPod on a regular basis. And when it does, I always turn the volume up a few notches and find myself tapping my foot and bobbing my head along to some great tunes. It is that good! If you don’t have any elim Hall in your collection, don’t miss this opportunity to add some truly classic CCM to your mix.

TheJazzman100 (blog comment)

(heh… gotta love it when the comment on a review is better than the review itself. Unless, of course, you were the slacker that wrote the original review… But, seriously, thank you Jazzman for giving us some more insight into what it was like when the album first came out.)

We Love Awesomeness

Are you guys going to review the new Violet Burning album(s) in the next issue? They are fantastic…

Steve Misner (via Facebook page)

(initially I wasn’t sure, but seems that Steve has the album and even spoke to Pritzl himself about the whole concept, so look for a review this issue.)

Hello, I’m a Mac…

Is this podcast going to be available through iTunes eventually?

Charles Baker (blog comment)

(for all those that asked, the Basement Tapes podcast is now available through iTunes. Eventually was the key term there – Apple seems to like red tape….)

More Love For The Podcast

Super stuff again. Maybe an idea to put out a down the line podcast sampler to support these guys?

Bvdpols (blog comment)

(that is a great idea, and we are kicking around some ideas for getting music out. But we hit a snag when everyone rejected my cool idea for an 8-Track revival. Why so much 8-track hate, huh?)

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