Michael Gerard Knott: Things He’s Done, Things Still To Come

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By Steve Ruff

Michael has to be the busiest man in music. If you didn’t already know, not only is he a musician, but he is also a painter, the curator of an art gallery and hard at work on several different projects. In addition to the new L.S. Underground album, there are many things on the horizon. This is good news for all the fans, because there will be a steady stream of Knott projects, as well as projects that he has contributed to in some way. All the pertinent links will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Many of you probably remember Windy Lyre, who was on Michael’s Blonde Vinyl record label back in the early ’90’s. Windy has a new release that will probably be out by the time that you read this. Michael and Windy co-wrote all the songs together. Michael plays guitar and bass, as does Rick McDonough, Michael’s partner in Struck Last May. Michael says, There are some live drums and some loops, it’s a Christian record, it’s very uplifting and was a lot of fun to work on.” The title of the album is Overflow, and can be purchased through Windy’s MySpace page.

Lifesavers are working on a new record as well, the line-up also has Josh Lory from L.S. Underground, as well as a couple of guys from Five Iron Frenzy. That one will be available sometime next year.

Michael is working on a solo record that will also have Brian Doidge playing bass. The title is Even Star, and this one is not a re-working of the oft rumored Losing Angel. Losing Angel, for now at least, has been ditched. Even Star will hopefully come out sometime before Christmas. Michael explains it, “This record is a trip, it’s not super heavy, it’s kind of light as far as the mix and the tones. There are some really cool songs on it.” This album was inspired by Liv Tyler’s character in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and as Michael relates, “It’s not like I’m really in to that kind of stuff, but I was in to her character, so I decided to do a whole record about it. It’s real interesting because it starts to change in to this spiritual thing as well, one where God is involved. It’s a whole different angle, but it’s a trippy record.”

Struck Last May, which is Michael and Rick McDonough, is also working on their second album, due out next year. Knott says, “This one is not as experimental as the first one, but it’s a very fun record. I wish I could give away one of the songs, it’s so cool, but I can’t… I gotta keep it under wraps.” Michael has also helped Rick McDonough mix, and co-produce, the upcoming album for his solo project Hidden From Blackout.

Michael is still in The Rover’s Three, a ‘sort of’ Irish band that also includes his dad Howie, and their friend Chuck. The new release is “Go Irish” which Howie says, “It has 21 hits on it. Some we wrote ourselves, and the others are traditional old school Irish songs.”

Michael is still painting, and I want to say thanks for the self portrait that he graciously did for our cover here at Down The Line. You can check out Michael’s latest paintings available to view, and purchase, at his website listed below. He said when talking about his art, “It’s my heart… it’s my heart, you know, on the canvas.” There will also be original art on the packaging of Even Star. Also, check out www.artloft205.com, which is the gallery that Michael is the curator of. Art Loft is now completely online, so stop by to browse and shop some amazing artists.

In addition, keep an eye out from several projects from Rick McDonough, Michael’s partner in Struck Last May. Rick has the solo project Hidden from Blackout, and that release titled “Break Ups & Fur Coats” is due out later this fall. Rick is also in an amazing band with Peter Kusek called While Rome Is Burning, and their E.P. is due out at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Michael Knott: www.michaelknott.com or myspace.com/michaelgerardknott
L.S. Underground MySpace: www.myspace.com/lsunderground
Lifesavers MySpace:  www.myspace.com/lifesaversofficial
Windy Lyre MySpace:  www.myspace.com/windylyre
Struck Last May:  www.myspace.com/strucklastmay or www.strucklastmay.com*
Hidden From Blackout:  hiddenfromblackout.com or myspace.com/hiddenfromblackout
The Rover’s Three:  www.theroversthree.com
Gerard artwork:  www.gerardartwork.com
While Rome Is Burning (Peter Kusek & Rick McDonough): www.whileromeisburning.com* or myspace.com/whileromeisburning
Hail Mary Studios:  hailmarystudios@gmail.com or www.hailmarystudios.com*
* web site under construction

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