Remembering Gene: Michael Knott

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1) When/how did you first meet Gene?
When he asked me at a gig why I had signed Sincerely Paul.

2) What projects were you involved in with him?
Too many to count.

3) How do you think Gene impacted the music scene?
He knew how to record and bring the life from his subjects.

4) Three words you would use to describe Gene?
“That’s pretty good”… what he meant was “that’s amazing!”

When I interviewed Michael back in 2007 for a Struck Last May article, I had asked him, “Any fond words and memories of Gene Eugene?” His response was, “A wonderful, loving person. Extremely talented, extremely helpful in my musical recording career, and I’m just sad he’s gone.”


Gene and Mike Knott live. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Ladan

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