The Lonely Revolts: We Catch Up With the Josh Galvan on His Band

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We catch up with the Josh Galvan on his band The Lonely Revolts, the best band going on the Thumper Punk label!

Who are the players in the band?

We got Lupe on Bass guitar and backup vocals, Chip on drums and Josh on guitars, vocals and occasionally the piano.

How did you guys meet and come together, and when did the band start?

Lupe and I met in a previous band called the Kingskids, and at one point we lost a drummer and Chip jammed with us and played a couple of shows along the way. I myself and Lupe were feeling called to start a new project due to musical and visionary differences. It started out with a couple of jam sessions and it just clicked! We called Chip up to see if he was free and we all got together and took off from there. We’ve been going at for about a year and a half.

Was this your first release or is there anything else floating around out there in the big world?

Yes, this is our 1st release as The Lonely Revolts on Thumper Punk Records. (although a 2nd album is in the works)

How did you guys come aboard the Thumper Punk label?

We came along Thumper Punk Records because we knew David Aaron from the label from our previous band .When we pitched the idea of The Lonely Revolts he was all about it.

Who are the primary songwriters in the band, is it a collaboration of the three of you?

I pretty much write the majority of the songs & music although Lupe nicely puts his 2 cents in when needed, and when Chip gets on the drums everything comes together nicely!

Who are the primary influences on the band?

I would say Johnny Cash and Woodie Guthrie are my musical influences for the band. Some of my favorite bands are Motorhead, Crashdog, and Swingin’ Utters.

Punk rock is really interpreted by the individual as far as the definition goes… what is ‘punk rock’ to you? Is it a lifestyle, a sound or a style?

Yeah “Punk” has many facets and interpretations. To me I would say it’s a lifestyle more than a fashion statement or fad but rather how you see and live your life. I feel it’s more of what you do than what you say, and both have to match up.

What do you see the future holds for the band? Is this a full time thing for you guys and what can we expect to hear in the near future? Any new music coming out, any tours outside of the local area you guys are in?

I see and feel that a lot of cool & interesting things will be store for us in this band. It feels like it’s a full time job at times outside of the full time jobs we already have, but we try to do the most we can with what we have. I could safely say we will be around as long as we’re needed. We are planning on hitting the road in early July to play Elisfest in Illinois, then possibly hitting Ohio, Indianapolis, Nebraska and Colorado. Also hopefully by the end of the year we will have our 2nd album out though Thumper Punk.

Being on a ‘Christian’ label is an interesting subject in and of itself… what does ‘Christian’ or Jesus mean to you in everyday living, and how does your belief influence your music?

I am glad you asked this question! I love to get into this kind of stuff, but I’ll try to keep it short. I feel the word Christian gets thrown around so much that after a while Christ hardly has anything left to do with the Word. To me I feel Christianity is a choice every day to die to yourself and picking up your Cross and actually DOING what Jesus taught and said. A tree is only known by the fruit it produces if it says it’s an apple tree but it grows pears something is wrong. These beliefs are heavily influenced in the songs I write for band for sure!

Vinyl, digital, CD or cassette? What is your “go to” format? What is in your player right now?

I love vinyl! I try to buy vinyl rather than cd’s, but unfortunately I can’t play wax in my truck stereo. So Right now Billy Bragg’s “back to basics” is in my cd player.

Can you give me a top 10 list of favorite punk bands?

Dang a top 10 punk list ummmmmm. Ok here’s a hand full of bands in no particular order. The Clash, Swingin’ Utters, Crashdog, Hanover Saints, Bad Religion, One Man Army, Against Me, Western Addiction, Nerve Agents and Stiff Little Fingers.

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