where, what, why And How

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Sean and I talk about his new record entitled where, what, why And How. Check out the podcast then check out the record https://andhow1.bandcamp.com/  

And How “Seven”

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We talk to the ever prolific Sean Severson about the new And How recording “Seven” and play a couple of the tunes.  The album is free to download at andhow1.bandcamp.com.    

And How and The Radiant Dregs

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This is episode #2 leading up to the compilation release. “And How” re imagines 2 older  songs and “The Radiant Dregs” talk about one of my favorites, “Savior”.  Good songs and conversations with two interesting, creative guys.

And How – Almost Tomorrow

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Sean discusses the latest And How project Almost Tomorrow. You can get it free at BandCamp.

And How – Endless Winter

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This CD has been getting constant rotation since it showed up in the mail – it’s fantastic! Sean talks about mid-life, disappointments, family and love and has a really cool Gene Eugene story. You can download the release for free here. http://andhow1.bandcamp.com/