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We get to be like a real magazine now, except we are still free! Get the newest issue of DTL emailed straight to your in-box.  See the Subscribe page to sign up. Eventually, we will stop spamming forums and websites and just use the subscribe function. We also promise that we will not send anything but new issues through this function. If you are worried about exceeding email storage limits, there will also be an option to have a download link emailed to you when a new issue is out.

On the same page, we have also created an area to subscribe to blog posts. Blog posts will notify you of new issues, but will also get you connected to news, updates, and exclusive features not in the magazine.  There are several ways to subscribe to the blog: you can have each new post emailed to your in-box, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed, or you can even follow us on Twitter or FaceBook.

Also, for those that have had problems with the "Contact" form – I finally got a clue and fixed that!  Sorry for the problems that caused.