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Deliverance Front Man Announces Sophomore Jupiter VI Release

November 11, 2014


The year was 2005, founder and brainchild of speed metal band Deliverance, Jimmy P Brown II was approached by the owner of PyschoAcoustix Records. He asked Jimmy if he could make an album along the lines of David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ or something along those lines of inventing a character and creating a record to go with this concept. The question intrigued Jimmy, especially since he has always had a tremendous amount of love and respect for the music of Bowie, so he agreed to think about it.

Having no idea what or how to go about it, Jimmy then created the idea of Jupiter VI. A band that in a science fiction setting would be sent from Earth to the planet Mars to find notoriety, fame and acceptance. He loosely based the story of Jupiter VI on his experience in the Christian Music Industry with the band Deliverance. The result was ‘Back From Mars’ which was a record that was a throwback to 70’s Glam Rock, while retaining a slew of influence from that time frame. ‘Back From Mars’ was well received and the project grew from a project to an actual band, performing a few shows over the next year after its release. But, as in the story of Jupiter VI, they vanished as quickly as they appeared. Until…

2014 marked a year of significant change for Jimmy. He began writing a conceptual piece based on his experience in the work force and the travels he had experienced. This time, not wanting to create a quirky, kitsch style album, he began to draw from his influences growing up, and cultivated a story of desperation, decent into darkness and madness and ultimately redemption.

He’s aptly titled this new body of music “mOVABLE wALLS”. The storyline takes you on a journey of being drawn into the corporate world, the gratification, the loneliness, the depression and the will of one man to claw his way out to find love, happiness and redemption once again. It’s a psychological metaphor for the walls we put up emotionally that fortify over years of ignoring what a human being can become if they allow themselves to be overcome by the lust for money, power and greed.

This musical offering shows an evolution for Brown and is quite possibly his most accomplished and ambitious work to date. Unlike ‘Back From Mars’ in which Jimmy played all instrumentation, he recruited the extraordinarily talented Jeff Ceyba. Jeff served as musical director for the live band incarnation of Jupiter VI when the band became a live entity. Ceyba, being no stranger to the industry, and having an impressive musical resume was excited to work with Brown on this project. He refers to the music as “celestial and meaningful”!

There’s Pop Music, there’s Rock Music, and there’s JUPITER VI! You are not going to want to miss this so jump on board and get ready for the ride!

“mOVABLE wALLS” is set to be released on ROXX RECORDS on December 16, 2014, just in time for Christmas and this release promises not to disappoint. Even better those that get in on the special pre order can also get a completely separate Limited Edition bonus disc EP entitled ‘Covered Stars and Undiscovered Planets’.

For full track listings, release dates and special packages visit


1. Sleepless End pt. I-IV (19:54)
2. Wasting Away (06:53)
3. Running (05:40)
4. Face in the Sky (03:42)
5. a Message from Home pt. I (12:16)

Total Running Time: 49 Minutes

Style: Ethereal Rock / Progressive Rock
Style: Dramatic / Emotionally Driven Music / Pink Floyd

Writ on Water to Release The Greyest Day

November 11, 2014

From the Writ on Water camp: Originally intended as the follow-up to ‘Sylph‘ and 20 years after its originally intended release date, ‘The Greyest Day‘ will be available on November 25, 2014.  We would like to thank Matt Akery, Paolo Licciardi, Philip Keller, Graham Dickey, Brian Hasselbeck and our spouses for their tremendous work, performances, help and/or support with this project.  More details to follow…”

Velvet Blue Music Announces New Music From Kissing Cousins, Telegraph Canyon, Doug Burr, and More

October 31, 2014

Here’s the bullet points, you can read the details here:

  • Kissing Cousins new ep/7″ In With Them dropping 12/09
  • Kissing Cousins new video dropping any day now
  • Bethan’s full length Time Gone By getting great reviews
  • Doug Burr’s full length Pale White Dove is finished and being mastered. New 7″ also coming before full length.
  • Air Review working on new record.
  • Mike Sempert released Mid Dream Complete Sessions – Mid Dream with 6 bonus tracks.
  • Telegraph Canyon almost finished with new album.

Champion Leader Releases “4st”

October 31, 2014

From the Champion Leader email list: “It’s my birthday, and I’m celebrating by giving you presents. Some free new music from Champion Leader. Stream it and/or download it here: In fact, all Champion Leader releases are “pay what you like” through the end of the year.
Download them for free, or pay whatever you wish.”

Rare Performance by Michael Roe & Michael Knott

October 30, 2014


Rare performance by Michael Roe & Michael Knott

Plus VIP treatment at November 7th concert event in Concord, California 

It isn’t every day that a group of legacy artists gather together and perform music that has been influential over decades of time.  It has been at least 4 years since Michael Knott graced the stage.  Knott will perform all the music from his iconic 1994 Brainstorm Artists Int’l album Rocket and a Bomb with full band.  Thanks to a recent Kickstarter, the performance will be recorded for DVD and Digital release.

Show closer, Michael Roe (77’s & Lost Dogs), humbly states, “I’m happy to be there to support Mike”.  Roe will perform solo, but is certain friends will “crash my set at some point”.

Warm-up act, Brian Healy, frontman of Dead Artist Syndrome, just might have the most fun of all.  In addition to band mates Ric Alba (Altar Boys, Undercover), Marc Plainguet (Graveyard Café) and Gym Nicholson (Undercover), his anticipated set-crashers include Sean Patrick Doty (Veil of Ashes) and Bill Walden (Undercover).

Frontline Records President, Adel Meisenheimer, wanted to get in on the deal and is hosting an artist hospitality room and Mike & Mike VIP session.  Meisenheimer claims, “This VIP package is The Bomb!”  For $75, VIP ticket holders will receive:  Mike & Mike Meet & Greet and Acoustic set with Knott & Roe, an exclusive new “Gerard” design t-shirt, Michael Roe t-shirt, plus priority seating at the concert.

Purchase tickets at

FaceBook event page

Big Sale at Veritas Vinyl

October 26, 2014

“We need more $$$ and more room to keep pressing records. Which means we need records going out the door, and $$$ coming in the door. Do you like what we do? Consider grabbing some records and merch at an insanely low price by using the code “RECORDSSUCK” to get 50% off everything at until the end of the month. We have a handful of records we want to do next year and we don’t have room to stock them and we don’t have $$$ to presss them so please help out if you can! Buy some record. Or – tell some friends. Word of mouth helps us grow more than any ad ever could. Tell your friends how much you love us and our artists! Even if you don’t like records hit up our bandcamp page and get some free music. Thanks all! Please help us get ready for next year!”

Muriah Rose to Release “Beneath the Clay”

October 24, 2014

“Dear fans & friends,

Announcing the debut album, Beneath the Clay, by singer~songwriter Muriah Rose. Her original songs have mesmerized audiences and garnered comparisons to alt-country artists Gillian Welch and Emmylou Harris.

Now, Ms. Rose steps out on her own with Beneath the Clay. It has a release date set for May 2015 and will be available in download & CD format. In order to fund the manufacturing, we are taking pre-orders for the album now at: Beneath the Clay

I believe Ms. Rose has assembled a wonderful set of compelling songs. Those of you who have heard her in concert know of her incredible phrasing & lyrical deftness. Possessing a voice wise beyond her years, I truly believe that this is a record that folks will talk about for years to come. Again, pre-order your copy today at: Beneath the Clay

Lastly, if you’re interested in seeing updates on the album’s progress, check out (and “like”) Ms. Rose’s newly launched FaceBook page at: Muriah Rose.

Autumn Graces,
bill mallonee

Bill Mallonee News ~ Web site:
Music Downloads:
Booking Info:

Texas Hardcore Band Revivalist Releases “Brother” EP as Free Digital Download

October 23, 2014

Abilene, Texas based hardcore band Revivalist has released its debut 5 song EP “brother.” as a free digital download, exclusively hosted by HM Magazine.  Heavy music passionately delivered.

A limited number of CDs have been pressed for the band’s ardent supporters.

Revivalist  -

OnTheAttack Records ( began in the Bronx in 2005, and moved to California in 2013.  Same heavy music… Same uplifting message.

Current Issue Cover
Download Issue #16 Now!

or read the pdf online:



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