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Fleming and John New Album 2015

March 28, 2015

Yes….really. Help us find our people! Pre-order the album, get cool stuff and help us get it done.

We are Fleming and John; a husband and wife Duo from Nashville, TN. Two Albums (“Delusions of Grandeur” and “The Way We Are”) were released in the 90′s on REX Records and Universal Records. Since then, we’ve been having kids and making music.

Fleming has stayed busy singing on albums (Ben Folds, William Shatner, Train, Jars Of Clay), movies (“Hoodwinked”), studio singing, teaching voice and running singing camps for girls

John has been doing studio playing, producing, arranging, engineering, composing for a wide variety of artists, movies, TV and advertising and as a member of Steve Taylor and The Perfect Foil

We hope that this Kickstarter campaign can help us reconnect with YOU, the fans. And will also help us cover the costs of musicians, recording, mastering, TIME, photography, artwork, manufacturing, shipping, record release show etc…

Players will include drummers; Shawn McWilliams, Lindsay Jamieson and Bobby Huff. Matt Slocum on Cello, Strings from “The Love Sponge Strings” plus some guest appearances.

All the backers will get an immediate download of a new song that will be on the album.

All CD’s and LP’s will come with a super cool custom deluxe book

See the Kickstarter page for more information

Jesse & The Sprinkles Release The Winter Blue

March 21, 2015

Jesse Sprinkle and family have recorded a new album on BandCamp. Here is what they had to say about it: “It’s hope and anger. joy and sorrow, love and restlessness: the human journey…..all wrapped up in a pretty picture of our family trying to make it through the toughest winter we’ve known. We know that we’re not unique to struggle, but we’re working our hardest to make ends meet and use the resources and gifts we have. Our family is extremely grateful for any support.” Check it out on their BandCamp page.

Mike Indest Releases “The Moment Before You Arrive”

March 17, 2015

Mike Indest has released his newest EP of awesomeness for free on BandCamp. Want to know more? Check out the press release:

“The proposition for the EP The Moment Before You Arrive was for seven songs. Not eight, not six. Mike Indest has a purpose behind that specific numerology, but at the moment he’s not revealing it.

The songs speak of love and grace, but there are many ways to look at both. You can look at them from the shoreline, breathing a huge sigh of relief that you are there. You can look at them in the middle of the river, paddling for your life. Still love, still grace, just with vastly different perspectives attached to them.

“I try not the record the same project twice and since I had recently released 3 self produced EP’s with the same band, I knew it was time to do something really different,” Indest said. “I have been a fan of Dw Dunphy’s songwriting and producing (under the Introverse Music Ltd. banner) for a while and I thought it would be interesting and possibly dangerous the see where he could take my songs.”

At first, the combination might have seemed an ill fit. Indest, known for working with combos and for playing live; Dunphy as very much a solo artist who writes and records autonomously, and rarely performs in public. Yet the songs dictated the process, and things clicked instantaneously. “This group of songs was a perfect batch to let Dw loose with since in some ways they are a growth for me and I wanted that to show in the production as well,” Indest said. “Every song he sent me back to listen to was the exact opposite of what I would have done and they sounded great!”

The other defining aspect of The Moment Before You Arrive is that it is, very loosely, a concept recording. That required giving each song its own look and feel so the narrative would not become too heavy, as Indest noted: “These songs also fit together in a different way than most of my other projects that were very linear musically and lyrically. This project is kinda sad, kinda funny and encompasses more of the whole of life than I have dealt with before, and Dw’s production skills and arrangement gives each of these tunes their independence but it holds together very well.”

Indest wrote the songs — music and words — sang and played the ukulele. Then he digitally sent them from their home in New Orleans, Louisiana to the Garden State of New Jersey. There, producer Dw Dunphy added his musical instrument of choice: the kitchen sink. It was not without major reservations.

“Mike’s songs were already there. I didn’t really have to do much to them,” said Dunphy. “But I will recall those albums from when I was younger that, after they were over, I’d just start them back up again from track one. I’d listen on that loop for weeks, and each time I listened a little harder, I heard something more. Mike’s positive attitude and expressive lyrics allowed me the chance to do that with whatever additions I provided. I hope that people will be listening to the collection in ten years like they will in 2015. Longevity really is the goal.”

“The album, I think, is about hope,” Dunphy added. “It is about faith in something that will reveal itself when it is required, but it isn’t cheap and it doesn’t come just anytime. It’s not a gumball machine where you drop in requests and out comes candy, on a whim.” He backtracks and says, “But it is also about volume and energy. You will feel good once the last song is done and, if we’ve done our part right, you’ll start it all up again right after.”

Indest concluded, “Depending how you count it, this is #10 for me and I think this will be the one I will have to try to beat from here on out.”

The Moment Before You Arrive is due in the spring of 2015.

About The Co-Op

The Co-Op is an artist-supported collective devoted to shifting the balance of opportunities toward independent musicians. Presented as a subsidiary of Introverse Media, Ltd., The Co-Op maintains that the “underground” is just as vital, interesting, and unique as it has ever been and needs a bullhorn to make that statement clear.”

Glower to Release The Circle Binds on Broken Circles Records

March 12, 2015

Broken Circles is thrilled to announce the addition of North Dakota’s Glower to the label’s growing roster. The band’s debut full-length, The Circle Binds, will be available June 23, 2015 on vinyl and digitally. The vinyl will be available on two limited colors, Black and Half Opaque Baby Blue / Half Highlighter Yellow.

The Circle Binds was engineered and produced by Joshua Barber (Norma Jean, Everything In Slow Motion, Hands) with mastering by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room (Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, NOFX). The album’s artwork is by acclaimed Columbian artist Randy Mora.

Burnt Toast Vinyl to Release Scaterd Few’s Sin Disease on Vinyl

March 12, 2015

The classic 1990 album Sin Disease from Southern California cutting edge punk rockers Scaterd Few. Remastered and available on vinyl for the very first time in a high quality gatefold jacket. This is a limited, one-time vinyl pressing of this classic. This is a pre-order and will ship for the July 2015 release date.

“Merciless, brutal, neurotic, Tourettic, and consistently stunning, Scaterd Few’s debut didn’t push the boundaries of rock — it annihilated them. Allan Aguirre’s vocal delivery was chilling: a wild, unconstrained howl that went from gothic moan to banshee yelp within the space of a single lyric. He sings like a man on fire, wild-eyed and crazy, yelping out each dire prophecy as if every word might be his last. The band’s music is equally urgent. Scaterd Few summoned a mad-scientist hybrid of dub, reggae, post-punk, and heavy metal that outshone even visionary avatars like the Pop Group.” —

Pre-order at the Burnt Toast Vinyl Website

Rapture Joins OnTheAttack Records; Releases Free EP Download

March 10, 2015

March 6, 2015  –  OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce that the band Rapture from Los Angeles, California, has joined its family of bands, and is releasing its debut album “Trials” as a free download.  Trials breathes fresh air back into the old-school hardcore scene with driving beats, breakdowns and earnest lyrics reflecting the band’s Faith.  Yes, the band is Christian, and they don’t hide it on Trials.  But, they also meet the listener half-way with their positive vibes, sing-along gang vocals, and a shared commitment to each other and the listener.  Musically unique, yet standing on the shoulders of bands like Terror, Dynasty, and xLooking Forwardx.

Download a free copy of “Trials” at:
Rapture features Richard Haro (Vocals), Garrett Gutierrez (Guitar), Tony Rangel (Drums) and Isaac Guerrera (Bass).  Follow the band on:


OnTheAttack Records ( began in the Bronx in 2005, and moved to California in 2013.  Same heavy music… Same uplifting message.

Half Bomber Joins the Veritas Vinyl Family

March 10, 2015

Half Bomber started in 1995…sort of.

Travis Turner and the twin powers of Alan & Leon Wasielewski grew up a half mile from each other, but didn’t meet until they were around twenty years old. They’ve been discussing playing together since.

After spending the next twenty years in and out of bands, both with and without each other, they’ve finally arrived here at Half Bomber.

“Alan and Leon have a musical kinship like no other I’ve ever worked with”, said Trav (drummer) during a recent interview for a local music blog from their hometown of Bethlehem, PA. “Since they are twin brothers, they know each others moves. They think for each other. Carry each others tensions, pain, joy. I’m just along for the ride as they create these amazing little punk rock experiences.”

Finally officially forming in late 2014, they’ve been working out what has been come to be known as their signature sound, but it’s been two decades in the making. Prefering overdriven to distorted guitars, distorted to clean bass and a crooked approach to math-rock style drums they’ve landed on a certain “melodic quirkiness.” Alan (guitar/vocals) says “I’m one guitarist in a three-piece band. If it’s called for for the song, it’s in there. If it’s not, it’s gone”…showing the no-nonsense side to their driving rock structure. Kyle Campbell (Philadelphia area artist) says that “they look and sound like they are playing the exact style of music that they want to be playing.”

“Our goal with ‘prink’ is to make this the first of many EP style recordings. Short schedules. Bursts of creativity…lightning caught in the bottle, so to speak,” says Leon (bassist/vocals). “We’re a garage rock band but have access to record as we go. It’s the best blend of authentic honesty and technology I’ve ever been involved with. You’ll be hearing what’s going through our minds more often than the traditional ‘full-length/tour’ model. It’ll be out there to hear and fresh more often. That’s how we do.”

Kerosene Halo “House On Fire” Recording Project

March 8, 2015

Help Michael Roe & Derri Daugherty in funding the writing and recording of their second Kerosene Halo album, “House On Fire”….

Michael Roe and Derri Daugherty have come a long way since their beginnings in the early 1980s with their respective bands The 77s and The Choir. In 1991, they joined with DA’s Terry Taylor and Adam Again’s Gene Eugene to form the legendary Lost Dogs. The Dogs’ unique brand of ‘Americana’ music (a little before there actually was such a thing) was an exciting vehicle for Michael and Derri as it allowed them to branch out a bit musically from their own bands. It also formed a deep personal bond between the two when they discovered how their musical tastes often ran parallel to one another, particularly when it came to ‘alt folk’ and other similar styles — classic folk/pop artists like Richard Thompson, Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen were often mentioned in the same breath as modern ones like Wilco, Mark Kozelek, Low and others. “We should form a duo and make a record together of all this kind of stuff that we listen to”, they would often say to each other. They even made an abortive attempt to do so in 1999, but months turned into years and the dream of a duo with beautiful harmonies and open-tuned guitars began to feel more ‘pipe’ than probable.

But the dream refused to die. Finally, during the cold winter months of 2011, our heroes fled to Southern California for some sun and fun but more importantly, to record once again in the historic studio where they first recorded together more than a decade previous — the fabled Neverland Studio that Derri built from scratch and recorded many popular albums in thereafter. There, he and Mike laid the foundational tracks for what would become a new album by a new duo — “Kerosene Halo”. Following the gorgeous sounding album’s release in the late spring, a triumphant tour followed that cemented the boys’ partnership with a solid new base of fans born from The Choir, The 77s, The Lost Dogs and many newcomers who were excited about the unique sound emanating from these long-admired artists. Following the success of that first album and tour, the guys were determined to record and release a new Kerosene Halo album annually. Sadly, inertia set in once again when the usual financial demands upon the life of a musician stymied the new duo and redirected their energies back towards their original three bands.

Four long years later, Michael and Derri were determined to keep their dream alive and make another Kerosene Halo album. However, this time, they wanted to try something that they had hoped to do on the first project — create a full band sound to cradle their delicate harmonies and haunting melodies. Mike tells it like this — “Even though Derald and I are very fond of our traditional folk/country approach with pedal steel and acoustic guitars, we also long to hear the sound of a dark, brooding rhythm section to provide a vibey contrast to our simpler folk sound. We had wanted to have that kind of backup band for part of our first album, but there just wasn’t enough time and money to make it happen. For our upcoming album, we finally made up our minds to carry that plan forward by inviting our fans to participate in the process with us! The two of us have always gotten along like a ‘house on fire’ both musically and personally, and we figured that maybe we could use that metaphor as a template for the kind of heat and urgency we wish to infuse our sound with for our second album. So, for now, we have a working title, “House On Fire”, along with a band consisting of ourselves and several top shelf musicians of the finest pedigree, many of whom are fan favorites we have worked, written, played and recorded with on numerous occasions over the years.”

See the Kickstarter page here.

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