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The Old-Timers Release New Double EPs “Turn It Off” and “Turn It Up!”

August 2, 2015

South Africa based hardcore punk band the Old-timers release TWO new EPs called “TURN IT OFF” and “TURN IT UP!” Not content with one release, the Old-timers deliver more spirit-filled karate chops than one album could handle. Building on their unique Animal Hardcore sound, share their faith and hope through unapologetic answers and heartfelt pleas.

The Old-timers’ continue their unusual recording process, with Dave (vocals) and Don (guitar and bass) twelve hours apart in South Africa, and their drummer Phil (also of False Idle) records at the Simpul Studios in Boise, Idaho, in the United States. The purpose of The Old-timers is to glorify God in every song, to reach a desperate world with the Good News of God’s grace and love, and to have a ton of fun while doing it.

Released jointly by Thumper Punk Records and Veritas Vinyl, digital versions are available through iTunes, AmazonMP3 and most other digital retailers, along with the Thumper Punk Records and Veritas Vinyl webstores. All proceeds from the sale of “TURN IT OFF” and “TURN IT UP!” will be donated to U-Turn Homeless Ministries in Cape Town, South Africa (

xDEFIANTx releases “Fourth Plague”

August 2, 2015

OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce the official release of “Fourth Plague”, the debut of Los Angeles based hardcore band xDEFIANTx.  Heavy, pure, straight edge hardcore with elements of beatdown and groove.  xDEFIANTx features Tim Gomez (Vocals), Jojo Rodriguez (Guitar), Ric Arguera (Guitar), Randy Rios (Bass), and Nick Moreno (Drums).    The track listing for “Fourth Plague” includes:

1)            Intro
2)            My Only Regret
3)            Letting Go
4)            It’s Never Enough
5)            I’ll Never Go Back
6)            Untitled
7)            Out of Line
8)            Swarm

“Fourth Plague” was recorded at The Legacy Rooms, in Los Angeles, California, with mixing and mastering by Jon Lundin.  CDs are available for pre-order through the OnTheAttack Records webstore  (

OnTheAttack Records

Mike Indest Releases 45

July 26, 2015

Mike Indest has released the two song single 45, Produced by the one and only Sean Severson (And How). Severson notes: “Mike drove up to MN to record these songs in my “No Hoop” studio. He sent demos of each song and I recorded the live drums prior to his arrival. We recorded his keeper vocal and baritone ukulele for “side B” the first night and 3 more songs the next day, including “side A”. And How finished up, after he left, by adding the guitar, bass and background vocals to the songs. It all happened so fast, but it sure was a blur of fun!

Volume 2 of the Michael Knott Tribute is Now Out!

July 16, 2015

Following hot on the heels of Volume 1, the second volume of the Michael Knott tribute album is now available. Shine A Light – A Tribute To Michael Knott Vol. 2 is available for streaming or purchase at the Blonde Vinyl Records BandCamp site. Featuring Black And White World, Dead Artist Syndrome, Jeff Elbel + Ping, The Electrics, Jesse Sprinkle, Deni Gauthier (who also provides the tribute artwork), Leper, Glower, Destroy Nate Allen, the Bloody Strummers, the b-attitudes, While Rome Is Burning, Barefoot Journeymen, David The Good, Angus McKinney, Marcus Larson, and a special collaboration between Sean Doty (Veil of Ashes), Ric Alba (The Altar Boys), and Gym Nicholson (Undercover). You don’t want to miss this one.

No Lost Cause to Release New “Fight” EP on August 18, 2015

July 2, 2015

Thumper Punk Records is pleased to announce the second release from No Lost Cause called “Fight” on August 18, 2015.  Following up their high energy, ska-tinged pop punk debut “NLC”, No Lost Cause put together another set of songs that speaks hope and encouragement to both the believer and unbeliever alike.  From Toms River, New Jersey, No Lost Cause is on your side and ready for the Fight.  The track listing for “Fight” includes:

1)  Your Days Are Numbered
2)  So Amazing
3)  TPR
4)  Fight
6)  Mainstream (Turn It All Around)

“Fight” is being recorded at Eightsixteen studios in Bayville, New Jersey, with mixing and mastering is by Buddy Eirman.

Thumper Punk Records ( helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.

New Bill Mallonee Album “Slow Trauma” Available for Pre-Order

June 28, 2015

From Bill Mallonee:

SLOW TRAUMA is the working title of the new album.
Think 70’s singer/songwriter heroes. Think: Young, Dylan, Jackson Browne, John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, Townes, Gordon Lightfoot…Hence the “distasteful”/tasteful cover!;
Heavy themes. Very studio. Very cool.

NOTE: There’s a FREE song from the album for each Pre-order/audio Preview of SLOW TRAUMA.
The Free song is called “Reno Is A Hell of a Place To have Your Luck Run Dry.”

YES: The new album is already in the works! Incredibly excited about this. *I KNOW it’s on the heels of Lands & Peoples, but we think these songs gotta be heard!)
SLOW TRAUMA will be available in download or CD formats.

“Baby’s” due date? SLOW TRAUMA download & CD drops in November, maybe earlier. It will have some 12-15 songs on it, maybe more.

As always: THANK YOU for your interest in my work and Love,

Dissident Prophet Releases “Red Moon Rising”

June 16, 2015

After teasing us for months with weekly unreleased songs (hope to see Stripped and Pierced” released for real someday!), UK band Dissident Prophet unleashes their new album Red Moon Rising on BandCamp. For those that aren’t familiar, Dissident Prophet has been active in the Christian alternative music underground since at least the early 1990s. If you were part of that scene, you probably saw their 1996 album We’re Not Grasshoppers floating around in mail order catalogs and zine reviews. YOu can stream it for free on their BandCamp and purchase a copy.

Eymard Releases “Ambient Tracks for Film: Two”

May 29, 2015

Eymard has released a third album, which is also a follow-up to 2011’s Ambient tracks for Film: One. Eymard is the ambient mellow-fi project of Rick McDonough, who has contributed many photographs to the back covers of Down the Line. He has also participated in many bands our readers might be familiar with, such as Hidden From Blackout, Struck Last May,LS Underground, and many others. You can check out the new release on BandCamp, as well as several of his past releases.

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