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Girder Records to Re-release Altar Boys – Gut Level Music

December 18, 2014

Girder Records has inked a deal to re-release Altar Boys – Gut Level Music. The re-release will contain re-mastered music, modified artwork as well as a new unreleased song, “I Just Can’t Let Go” as advertised in the original ads many years ago. Altar Boys Gut Level Music will be released in early Spring 2015, with pre-orders starting just before Christmas 2014.

Mike Stand says about new unreleased song, “According to my lyric book, I wrote I Just Can’t Let Go sometime in the summer of 1984. The song is sandwiched between early sketches of Final Hour and a finished version ofCalling to You – both of these songs wound up on GLM The odd thing about I Just Can’t let Go is that I don’t believe we had ever played the song live. Whatever the case is for not finishing the song, had it not been for a cassette tape that contained all the basic tracks from GLM, this song would have been virtually forgotten.”

Gut Level Music landed at No. 5 in HM Magazine’s “The Top 100 Christian Rock Albums of All Time.” by HM’s Doug Van Pelt and was described by John J Thompson (Capitol Music Group) in the book Raised by Wolves, Arguably the band’s high point”. Steve Rowe of Mortification says, “GLM is timeless rock classic, outdoing not just all Christian rock releases, but equal to or better than their secular counterparts The Clash.”

For fans of The Ramones, The Clash, the Replacements, both the music and the message of the Altar Boys album GLM is a force to be reckoned with. GLM did not reinvent the “rock ‘n roll wheel”, however, by its own merit it did set a standard from which many artists would glean. Like the Gospel itself, GLM is simple, stands on its own, and wants to let you know that in the end: “Life does begin at the Cross”

TRACKS: You Are Loved, G.L.M. (Gut Level Music), I’m Not Talking About Religion, I Question It, You Found Me, Unconditional Love, There is a Love, Calling To You, I Just Can’t Let Go, Final Hour, Life Begins At the Cross

Lie Down In the Grass 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Available Now

December 17, 2014


My new 3Oth Anniversary, commemorative edition of LIE DOWN IN THE GRASS is here.

The new re-mastered release contains twenty songs, including the original recordings, bonus cuts, and 2014 remixed masters from Nashville mix engineer Richie Biggs (Chris Cornell, The Civil Wars, The Lone Bellow).

How to Purchase

Mp3 and Mp4 files are available at all your fine digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. The anniversary edition will not be available on Spotify until sometime in 2015 (if at all). These are offered at a discount of $9.99 for twenty songs.

No vinyl or CDs are available for this project. However, knowing that many longtime listeners prefer hi-resolution files, we have created a hi-res bundle available at

Please feel free to burn your own CD from these high quality files.

For vinyl collectors, we have a very limited quantity of the original 10 song version and the A&M version. In addition we have 12″ Vinyl “Lie Down in the Grass” singles. If interested, please contact for pricing and purchase information. Quantities limited.

Liner Notes

Check out the extensive liner notes HERE.

MUSIC GEEK ALERT: Remix Contest! Help me celebrate the release of my 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Lie Down In The Grass by remixing the title cut. Winners will be announced Friday, December 26th. First Prize is the uber-cool and handy BLUE Yeti USB microphone. Download your (5) stereo stems HERE - password is remix. Feel free to do anything and everything to it – add your own vocals, beats, anything really – just blow it up and have FUN! 152.5 BPM is a good tempo to start with. Send an mp3 of your stunning REMIX to – send any questions to the same addy. Everyone welcome including my professional colleagues. Spread the word!All entries DUE by 12/22/14.

Support a Raft of Dead Monkeys Documentary

December 17, 2014

“In 1999, two Seattle-based Christian rock bands broke up. Their members were frustrated and disillusioned with the creative limitations and ethical complications that came from mixing art, commerce, and sincere religious devotion. The members of these two bands decided to undertake an experiment together. They would start a new band—one that was angry, sarcastic, vulgar, and aggressively antisocial. They would perform in neo-fascist uniforms. Their wives and girlfriends would dress up as battered domestic abuse victims while carrying giant pictures of AK-47s. They would feature go-go dancers and male strippers on stage and a performance artist who gorges himself on bananas until puking them into a fishbowl. And their published manifesto would declare that this was the music that would usher in the apocalypse—RECONSTRUCTION! AMEN!

They called themselves Raft of Dead Monkeys.”

Interesting Productions is working on a documentary about Raft of Dead Monkeys. They desire to release this documentary free to the world, but need your help to do so. See their IndieGoGo page for more details. Rewards include an unreleased Raft of Dead Monkeys album.

Veritas Vinyl Releases Free Christmas Comp!

December 16, 2014

Free Music!!! Visit the Veritas Vinyl BandCamp page to get a totally FREE download of this years awesome Christmas Comp – The Punks Who Stole Christmas featuring artwork by the Handsomest Man In Hardcore, Josh Thieler  as well as tracks from Slaves BC, Moral Monsters, Over Mortal, Cat Head Deathray, and Grace and Thieves.

Jagged Doctrine Release Christmas Single

December 16, 2014

A little behind on this one, but Jagged Doctrine have released a Christmas single for “Carol of the Bells”. IF you are in the mood for an industrial Christmas jam, go check it out. YOu can stream or download the single from the Jagged Doctrine Bandcamp page.

The New Urban Achiever Podcast, Hosted by Billy Power, is Available Now!

December 16, 2014

This in from Billy Power: “I just launched my new podcast, called Urban Achiever. You can download or stream the first episode with my guest Ethan Luck at I am really excited about how it turned out and hope you enjoy it. It should additionally be available in the podcasts section of iTunes in the next couple of days. You can follow the show in FacebookInstagramTumblr and Twitter @UrbanAchieverPC.

I am still working on the final edit of my tour journal, Bottle Breaker. I have decided to give it away for free to all members of my e-mail list.”

Doug Jutras Releases Acoustic “Miss That Walk” EP

December 12, 2014

Orange County punker Doug Jutras has unplugged and unwound, and sat down with his acoustic guitar to craft three new songs that form his solo debut “Miss That Walk”.   Doug blends rock and blues over a musical foundation rooted in a lifetime of punk rock.   Three honest, working class songs that reflect Doug’s own person journey from chaos to clarity through his belief in Jesus Christ.

Doug’s “Miss That Walk” EP is available now for digital download through Thumper Punk Records and all major digital retailers.  Doug’s previous solo release “God Bless the World, Not Just America” by the band FEAR GOD is also available through the TPR webstore (


Charlie Peacock to Re-Issue Lie Down In The Grass for 30th Anniversary

December 2, 2014

Not many details have been released, but Lie Down In the Grass 30th Anniversary Edition with 20 songs is coming December 9th. You can see this blog post for more thoughts on the album itself, and watch Charlie Peacock’s Facebook page for more details.

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