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New Reward Options on the Rocket and a Bomb Kickstarter!

September 25, 2014

The clock is ticking on the “Rocket And A Bomb Live DVD/Album + new Michael Knott 7″EP” Kickstarter. New rewards have been added, including a one of a kind rare Michael Knott vinyl package (with Michael Moret, Idle Lovell, Shaded Pain, and more ultra-rare titles). You can also choose several add-ons of DVD bootlegs from various past shows. There is also a new promo video below:

Rocket And A Bomb Live DVD/Album Kickstarter is Live

September 6, 2014

20 years of Rocket & a Bomb live DVD and download + a brand new Michael Knott EP released on 7″ vinyl, Cd, and download!

The DVD and Live album download:

20 years ago Michael Knott droped his second solo release, the iconic album Rocket And A Bomb! Some consider this his best work. The album is full of odd characters like Jan The Weatherman, Bubbles the Clown, and John Barrymore Jr. With heart on your sleeve lyrics and tales of Knott’s personal and spiritual journey, this album hits the listener in just the right spots.

To celebrate the anniversary of this amazing album Knott and company decided to play the whole album at a one night only, full band, live show! And lucky for those that can’t be there for this incredible experience, independent film maker Todd Zeller (Eden Z Films) will be in charge filming the show to be released on DVD. We are also recording the audio to release a Live Album that will be a download only.

One lucky fan can pick the reward of a one of a kind painting by Michael Knott that will grace the cover of the DVD. A few RAAB themed paintings will be up as rewards too!

The concert will happen November 7, 2014 at the Christ Community Church in Concord California. Dead Artist Syndrome is scheduled to open and a special set by Michael Roe (the 77′s and Lost Doga) and Derri Daugherty (The Choir and Lost Dogs) will close out the evening. See flyer above for details!

The new EP, 7″ vinyl, CD, and digital options:

Michael Knott will be working once again with Joshua Lory to record a new EP to be released on 7″ vinyl! Knott and Lory teamed up in the past to bring you L.S.Underground’s brooding yet hopeful “PTSD” and the Lifesavers triumphant return, the Kickstarter fan funded “Heaven High”. The EP will be at least 4 brand new Knott songs! And how awesome will it be to drop this thing on the ol’ record player!?!?

Like the DVD the EP will have a one of a kind Knott painting for the cover and one lucky backer will be able to pledge this reward!

Your contribution will go to fund production of the DVD and EP as well as travel expenses and postage for your rewards!

Bill Mallonee & The Darkling Planes Release Winnowing

August 23, 2014

It’s here! Officially.
Winnowing, the new 10 song album by Bill Mallonee & The Darkling Planes, has been “birthed.”
What a great ride this has been.
I’ll keep this short: Thank you to all who were able to pre-order the album.
Your goodwill allowed us the time & resources to write, record, mix, master and duplicate the album.

~ It is now available in CD & Digital download formats at: Winnowing.

~ A Vinyl version of Winnowing is available by pre-order here at: Winnowing Vinyl.

Lastly, here are two early reviews:

From Steve Ruff/editor @ DownTheLineZine:
“Winnowing is both elegant & edgy; his ability to write through the eyes of the ‘everyday man’ is so perfected and honest. It’s Mallonee’s best album to date and given the massive output, that’s saying a lot.”

And from UK blogger, Simon Jones:
“On the liner notes [Mallonee] says: “Winnowing is an Autumn record; Autumn with her colors, smells, diminishing light heralding the approaching dormancy of the winter. That seems to be the “voice” of much of this album.”
I agree that the tone is autumnal but there’s no approaching dormancy here: the writing is vibrant, alert, alive to life’s possibilities and disappointments. The album truly charts ‘the landscapes of reality’ with a keen eye and faith-filled spirit.
A couple of years ago I blogged that Amber Waves was his best album to date; then last year, I thought Dolorosa topped it; now I think this new one might be the best of the three. It seems to me that far from entering a time of dormancy, Mallonee has hit a rich vein of insight and tunefulness – long may it continue.”
~ Simon Jones

A Happy, Restorative weekend to all,
Bill & Muriah

Riki Michele New Album Project

August 19, 2014

It’s time for a new record from Riki Michele (Adam Again)!

You know, bands like Adam Again and so many of our friends were carried along by the amazingly loyal and generous community of fans that supported our music. And as was bound to happen, those “fans” often became good friends, consistent companions, and in my case, even a husband. We never enjoyed massive worldwide success, but we always felt tremendous love and support from those that resonated with our music, and that’s not something that everyone can say.

So after a few years (OK, more than a few, but less than a lot), I’m ready to record some more music! And I couldn’t be happier than to do that with my dear friend and musical conspirator Margaret Becker. Maggie and I knew of each other, but it wasn’t until we ended up going to the same church in Nashville that we really got to know each other. After some back and forth-ing on our schedules, we ended up writing together and everything fell into place. She’s an amazing musician, producer and even better person, and I couldn’t be happier to get to work together.

And as with so many of our peers, we need the continued help and support of our friends, fans and community. So we’re taking to Kickstarter to ask you to support us in this process. We’ve traded musical ideas for months, and we got together a few weeks ago to start the process and loved what we were making. We’ve got a sample of that with the song, “Into Peace”, that’s featured in the video, and that you can get a download of as soon as you join us and supporting the Kickstarter project.

We’ve tried to put together some special rewards/incentives/swag/goodies that can be both fun and meaningful to those of you who can support us. We tried to make those things that are reflections of who we are and what we love. For me, that includes my almost 15-year pursuit of pottery and creating hand-sculpted ceramic art. For Margaret, that has included producing, teaching and mentoring artists. There are other things for sure, and if you’re so inclined to escape colder climes, I’d be happy to take you on a tour of some of my favorite places in San Diego. On the flip side, you may want to join us in Nashville and sing or play on the record.

Whatever interests you, we hope to make this adventure fun, meaningful and special for everyone involved. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a bit scared (terrified, paralyzed, peeing my pants a little) by the thought of this Kickstarter thing. But we’re stepping out and going for it anyway, and excited to be able to focus on making something wonderful. We’re already challenging and pushing each other, and that’s bound to bring out the best of what we’ve got, right? Thanks ahead of time for all of your support. We’re looking forward to giving you all we’ve got.

With love and gratitude, Riki Michele”

Sef Idle Releases Acoustic “Start Again” EP

August 7, 2014

When it comes to punk rock, Sef Idle is quietly becoming a household name.  For almost 20 years his musical efforts have been honed and shaped with such bands as Two Spare Months, Strong Point, uniSEF, and finally the Boise-based False Idle.   But Sef’s first foray into a more traditional singer-songwriter role does not disappoint.  His first official release, Start Again, from Thumper Punk Records is proof that there’s more to his story than one might think.

After writing and recording a solo song entitled “Get Back Up” in 2008 under the name Just Plain Sef, the journey began.  Although that song was never released until 2012 when it was included with the uniSEF Discography, it was the start of something bigger.  Honest writing is key to Sef’s style.  Songs like “5 am” and “Back Then” show a continued depth of content while “In The Sand” is an old fashioned thank you to one Mrs. Idle.  With an overall message of new beginnings in spite of past mistakes, Sef Idle’s solo release is a reassuring call to all of us that personal failings are not the end, only opportunities to start again.  Well-crafted vocals and introspective lyrics make this latest release just another win in an already prolific musical career.

Released and distributed by Thumper Punk Records

Saviour Machine I Coming To Vinyl

August 6, 2014

Not to many details on this one yet, but LPCDcollector Records has announced plans to release Saviour Machine’s Intense Records debut on vinyl. This looks to be a limited edition pressing of 500 copies – 200 splatter and 300 black. That’s all the details for now – so stay tuned for details.

Unteachers LP Now Available for Pre-order

August 5, 2014

The long awaited Unteachers (featuring Stephen Mark Sarro of Tantrum of the Muse) full length LP is finally here! You can preorder vinyl copies (three colors to choose from) or digital copies by pointing your browser to

This is a limited pressing, act now to be sure to get the color you want!

100 copies: White Vinyl
100 Copies: Opaque Light Blue Vinyl
100 Copies: Gold Vinyl

All LP’s come with a digital download card, and every LP ordered from our site gets you an entry into a drawing to win the reference lacquer (sometimes called a dub plate or acetate) used in production for this album. That is a one of a kind collectible! If you buy all three colors – you’ll be entered three times!

Christ’s Sake Releases Full-Length “We All Fall Down”

July 25, 2014

Christ’s Sake announces the release of their second full length album “We All Fall Down” on Thumper Punk Records.   Christ’s Sake continues their classic Orange County punk sound with melodic hooks and driving rhythms, which are contrasted uniquely harmonic vocal arrangements.  Jesus lovin’ alternative punk from musicians who have experienced drugs, alcohol, abuse, emptiness and loneliness, yet who have managed to turn their lives around through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  Band members include founding member Lance Hendren (guitar, vocals), Vince Morales (drums), Matt Kilian (lead guitar), Dillon Hendren (backup vocals), Sandra Calvillo (backup vocals), and Matt Vangalapudi on (bass guitar).

Recorded at Love Juice Labs, Riverside, California.  Total time:  48:35.

Thumper Punk Records ( helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.   CDs are now available through the Thumper Punk Records webstore, and digital downloads are available through iTunes and other major digital distributors.

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