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Jupiter VI Returns With New Music

October 21, 2014

Jupiter VI (led by Jimmy Brown of Deliverance fame) seems to have returned with new music on the horizon: “What up people? You guys ready to take another journey, an all new journey, with Jupiter VI? Get ready for flight as we are about ready to take off on another musical journey, the journey of a lifetime! Stay Tuned!”

Jennifer Knapp Releases “Set Me Free”

October 18, 2014

“Jennifer Knapp’s beautifully intimate new album Set Me Free puts her uncommonly honest songwriting front and center, solidifying her return to a music career set on her own terms. Set Me Free is Knapp’s second mainstream folk rock release after she left her Grammy-nominated Contemporary Christian Music career behind, took a seven-year hiatus, and returned with the refreshingly straightforward earthy rock record Letting Go in 2010. While her transition away from Christian music and public coming out as a lesbian have made her a lightning rod for controversy, Set Me Free is an album full not of anger but of love, with intimate arrangements providing the backdrop for stories of romance, friendship, and faith. Coinciding with the release of her candid memoir Facing the Music: My Story on Howard Books/Simon and Schuster, this refreshing new album once again demonstrates Jennifer’s uncompromising willingness to be open in the spotlight.”

Click here to order Set Me Free.

Daugherty, Roe, and Taylor – Misery Loves Company Album & Tour

October 18, 2014

Derri Daugherty | Michael Roe | Chris Taylor
The “Misery Loves Company”
Fall 2014 Tour

And just like that, it’s October. And with it comes the “Misery Loves Company” tour featuring Michael Roe, Derri Daugherty, and Chris Taylor. A tour “in the round” featuring all three artists playing their songs, telling the stories behind them, and sharing them all in new and unique ways for themselves and the fans. You won’t want to miss this:

“Last April, I brought one of my favorite songwriters Chris Taylor (Love Coma) on the road with me and boy were we miserable! Not with each other, but with the long drives and rough road adventures you commonly experience on tour. So, this time, we decided to compound our misery by adding another favorite songwriter Derri Daugherty (The Choir) to the mess. The concept of a ‘songwriter’s circle in the round’ where a group of artists discuss and play their tunes together is a long-standing tradition in Nashville, so we’ve decided to bring that beloved format from Music City USA to Yourtown USA this Fall. We are really looking forward to singing, playing and sharing our favorite songs with each other and you!!” ~ Michael Roe

“It’s been over three years since Mike and I toured as a duo, so I’m excited for this return to the road and making music with not only Mike, but also Chris Taylor. I look forward to sharing my songs with not only you the fans, but with Mike and Chris in ways that have never been played before in front of a live audience. Tours like this don’t happen every day, and we are blessed to get to share our lives and music with each other, and with each and every one of you.” ~ Derri Daugherty

“When I was a teenager, I would play my 77′s and Choir albums as loud as I could in my headphones (the folks wouldn’t let me listen to Rock and Roll in the house). I got lost in Michael Roe’s wild guitar solos and Derri Daugherty’s atmospheric sonics. I was deep down in the heart of Texas, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see these musicians in a live setting – let alone actually tour with them!! Well, it’s a surreal dream come true for me to hit the road with Mike and Derri through the last half of October and beyond. All the excitement of the tour led me to record a new album, called Daylight, and it’s coming out through Lo-Fidelity Records, available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Lo-Fidelity’s own Bandcamp page ~ There is nothing more special than taking our music to people who want to hear it. We are so grateful to have folks all over the country willing to make this happen! ~ Chris Taylor

Current tour dates are listed at (click the Tickets button on each listing for complete show details), and continue to watch that space as additional booking is happening now to bring the tour to Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona in November. If you are interested in having the “Misery Loves Company” tour come to your State this fall, please contact for info on how to make that happen.

In support of the current tour, Michael Roe and Lo-Fidelity Records are pleased to announce the release of the 77s Misery Loves Company collection. Meant as a companion piece to the recently remastered and expanded More Miserable Than You’ll Ever Be, Misery Loves Company found Mike digging into the archives for unreleased studio recordings, demos (many of which were recorded with Steve Griffith on drums), and live tracks from the 80′s era 77s. What he found will please even the most casual listener. The 15 track CD will be available on tour starting 10/17/14, and online starting 10/21/14 via the 77s Bandcamp store The album will also be available for download from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and for streaming on Spotify starting on 10/21/14.

In related news, the 77s album Gimme A Kickstart, and Michael Roe’s And A Phrase or Two, Guadalupe, and Live In Torrance are all now available for purchase via their official Bandcamp pages, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and for streaming on Spotify.

As always, we thank your for your continued support of Michael Roe, the 77s, Derri Daugherty, and Chris Taylor, and hope to see you on the road this fall.

jeffrey kotthoff
lo-fidelity records & booking

Frontline Records Presents: Mike & Mike Deluxe VIP Package for November 7th concert event in Concord, California

October 17, 2014

Be a VIP and make the most of this rare performance by Michael Roe & Michael Knott

VIP ticket holders will receive:

  • Mike & Mike Meet & Greet –Q&A session
  • Mike & Mike Acoustic set –intimate performance for VIPs only
  • New Michael “Gerard” Knott Trumpeting Angels design on t-shirt & patch
  • Michael Roe t-shirt
  • Priority seating at concert

All for only $75! ($85 at door, if space allows)

Buy Tickets!

Chris Taylor and Lo-Fidelity Records Release Daylight

October 17, 2014

“I just finished my new album called Daylight. It’s a very personal record for me, as far as lyrical content goes. It’s not trying to sound like anyone or be like anything. It’s 10 songs, recorded in my living room with my live band in San Antonio… The music was made underneath white Christmas lights and a blue light sparkling mirror ball throwing shapes all over the walls. We used acoustic and electric guitars, djembes and percussion, fretless bass and we sang our hearts out. It was meant to be whispered in your ears through headphones or pumped through your car stereo on road trips. And at its best, Daylight is meant to give us some hope in the form of sound and melody… Into your ears, through your veins and straight into your heart.” ~ Chris Taylor 10/14/14

See the Lo-Fidelity BandCamp page to listen or order

Atomic Opera to Re-Release For Madmen Only

October 17, 2014

Twenty years ago Atomic Opera released For Madmen Only into the world but it went into hiding, we want to re-release it. Help us bring back the groove.

Pledges will go to the following:
1. Re-Release For Madmen Only + bonus tracks
2. Donation to Restore International (Bob Goff’s “Stop Human Trafficking” Organization)
3. Paying for your CD and T-shirt

This is not a drawn-out campaign—Please groove now. Click here to view the PledgeMusic page.

Marathon Records to Release “Lifting the World” by Tom Sharpe

October 14, 2014

Marathon Records is now taking pre-orders for “Lifting the World,” a breathtaking world music and progressive rock symphony by Tom Sharpe – Musician. Tom is the drummer for Mannheim Steamroller and Dennis DeYoung (formerly of Styx). Jeff Elbel (of Jeff Elbel + Ping) plays fretless bass in the Sharpe World Music Ensemble and on the album. Physical CDs ship on October 28, 2014. Pre-orders receive an .mp3 of the epic “Three Stories.” Elbel has also reduced Ping CD prices for the rest of October. Please visit:

Andy’s Angels Records to Release Christmas in the Churchyard

October 14, 2014

Andy’s Angels Records is so happy to announce that the new album Christmas in the Churchyard will be officially released November 1, 2014 and that you may begin preordering the this release today!

To order, simply go to the new eponymous menu tab and fill out the form!

PRESS RELEASE: CHRISTMAS IN THE CHURCHYARD is available for pre-order at Andy’s Angels Records. Important note! The album will be available November first via Bandcamp for digital download. However, if you would like the physical CDR signed and delivered or the CDR plus the two bonus CDRs you will need to order via the special page at

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We all want to make sure you get…exactly the version of this that you really desire. The digital download will be available November 1, 2014 at Theo Obrastoff Bandcamp. Physical CDRs (package A or B) is/are available at the AAR website.

We are exceedingly proud of this release and do pray often that it will be an uplifting part of your holy day experience! Thank you all for your love and support over the last thirteen years of Andy’s Angels. –theo & family

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