Help Michele Palmer Release Children’s Book and New Song

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I Can’t Wait! is a project I’ve been working on for about a year and a half. I work in the Special Education department at my local elementary school and I found that making up songs to get my students from place to place was a fun and effective way to make an ordinary activity special.

One of those songs really wedged itself in my brain. At the same time, I was drawing more and more and these characters found their way into my head and heart; a book using the lyrics of the song was a new dream.

As if writing and illustrating a children’s book wasn’t enough, I had a vision for the song as an essential companion piece to the book. So I fleshed out the parts and got to work with the musical wizard Jordan Krimston to record the song and bring it to life.

The combination of words, images, and music is so special to me. It’s my hope that families, educators, children (and adults) of all ages can enjoy this project. It’s all about the anticipation and excitement for whatever the day presents, set in the context of different types of weather.

Your support will help me bring it to life in a few physical formats. Your backing will help with printing a beautiful hardback version, a paperback, and a companion coloring book.

Thank you so much for joining me on this life-changing journey. I’m excited to bring this to you – so excited that ‘I Can’t Wait!'”

You can help support Michele Palmer’s (Adam Again, Riki Michele, etc) project on Kickstarter.

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