Real indie, real “do-it-yourself” – Down the Line is the magazine that does what it wants to. In 2008, two random guys named Steve and Matt noticed that their favorite artists and thinkers (past and present) weren’t getting the attention and promotion that they deserved. So they decided to do something about it. But they decided to do it with no budget and no desire to make any money themselves – just to promote some great music and ideas that aren’t covered as much by the media.

You see, most magazines and outlets have to pull in subscribers and advertisers in order to make the money they need to be able to afford the cost of printing or hiring a staff. Do away with the need for both of those, use free tools available on the Internet, and you can be free to go beyond the “flavor-of-the-month” bands that the general zombie public demands to read about and then forget about (Matt wanted to call this magazine Ritalin, but, well – that’s a little too snarky, even for him).

Not that we are against having advertisements or the magazines that do need an income to stay a float – there is a need for those kinds of magazines. We’d be glad to let you advertise on our pages as long as you don’t expect us to cover certain bands or people in return. We just want to be an alternative to the alternative. Whatever that means.

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So, who exactly does Down the Line cover? Glad you asked….


Vision Statement:

Down the Line covers who ever we want really. It could be authors, or bloggers, or musicians, or interesting people or ideas. Our main focus is on exploring the intersection between life, beliefs, politics, and art through music, visuals, and thoughts – whether current or stuff from the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. Some of these bands or thinkers may still be making stuff today, and others may have moved on. We cover who we find interesting, and probably miss a lot of people that are just as interesting as well.

Down the Line is free – we email it to you, or you can download it online. If you like our magazine – feel free to spread the word! Please send people to the subscription page or the original download link instead of forwarding on the free PDF – that just helps us know how many people out there are reading and downloading our stuff!.



We have a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer all of those burning questions you might have. If your question isn’t answered there, hit up the Contact page to see if we can answer it.


Current People Doing Stuff:

Matt Crosslin – editor, web design, occasional writer

I’m a major music fan with a great wife that cheerfully indulges my taste in “weird” music. My wife and I love to travel to strange lands, but I can’t get her to join me in watching obscure SciFi TV series from start to finish.

Ellis Underwood – writer, that guy that does things

The grape juice might be kool-aid, so I blew up the Vineyard real good.

Mike Indest – writer, podcast guru

Doug Peterson – writer

I read, write, and listen to music to make sense of life. I am a mental health worker, and I like being on my feet rather than shuffling paper. I do yoga twice a week so I can look half descent for my girlfriend, who is too hot for hot yoga. I have a teenage daughter, and she is more smart than I was, but don’t let her know that. I live in Canada and I kind of like it up here.

Kevin Noel Olsen – writer

The typical unusual author, songwriter, and hack musician. Fan of film noir, pulp writing, science fiction, and good music. Bad music too. Tries to live life based on the Bible, Rankin & Bass animation, and Andrei Tarkovsky.


Alumni That Did Stuff:

(and could come back at any time)

Joshua Lory
Bill Mallonee
Chad Thomas Johnston
Todd Zeller
Ojo Taylor
Rick McDonough