Pre-Order Both Browbeat and Alternative Worship Reissues on Vinyl and CD

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Retroactive Records is re-issuing Brow Beat – Unplugged Alternative, Alternative Worship – Prayer, Petitions & Praise, and Browbeats – Wither Wing on CD and vinyl:

“We want you to know just how hard we have worked to make these treasured releases SPECIAL for fans who have waited and waited and waited for these three albums to receive the care and treatment that COLLECTORS CRAVE! We have tried our best to give you the very best reissues on the planet.

As the owner of Retroactive Records, I recall putting Brow Beat – Unplugged Alternative in my CD player, not knowing exactly what Brow Beat was or what to expect. I just knew I loved all the artists. I could never have anticipated just how much I would love that unique compilation. I listened to it over and over and over again for many years. That album made a distinct imprint of brokenness, healing, despair and hopefulness on my heart and soul that I carry with me to this day like it’s a badge of honor.

Later, I would come across another gem, Alternative Worship – Prayer, Petitions & Praise. It received very little promotion and could easily be missed if you didn’t know who was on it or that it existed. I am certain music fans passed by it, assuming it was part of the mindless gut of corporate worship music releases at the time. But Alternative Worship was just that – an alternative to the cookie-cutter worship music we knew. It was an alternative to the theologically and artistically stagnant worship scene we were trying to escape. The fact that the album was an offering and outpouring from Michael Knott, Terry Taylor, and Gene Eugene only made it more essential that fans find this under-the-radar bit of brilliance. The music is powerful and the lyrics will wiggle into your DNA.

I was excited to see a second Browbeats album released in 1998 – Wither Wing. I wondered if it would be able to touch the brilliance of the first one. To be honest, the first track shocked me with the hard edged, guitar-ripping rap rock from Ted Cookerly of EDL. It sent the message that this album was different. So I opened my mind to what it had to say and offer. The all-star cast of the album was mind-boggling and the music did not disappoint, even if it took some time to adjust to the fact it was fully plugged in and loud and proud! I am glad I did. Truthfully, it’s the perfect third album from Michael Knott and company. The first Brow Beat was spiritual, introspective, and soul searching. Alternative Worship led us down the path of authentic worship and seeking of the Holy One. Now, we were ready to have fun, celebrate, and party! Browbeats – Wither Wing is exactly that for us – a party. And, like any good party – it better be fun and the second Browbeats is that to perfection.

These three albums were never promoted as a trilogy, but I came to see them as companion pieces that belonged together and I’m grateful they were in my life. I always thought they would be amazing to experience on vinyl – especially the softer songs. I could imagine the warm, dynamic vibes going from my vinyl record needle, out of my speakers, and filling much more than my home. I am glad we get to experience that now. Thank you for being part of this experience.”