Writ On Water Announces Two New Tracks

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Great news from Writ on Water: “Greetings, friends.
It has been a long time since our last update, but we are pleased to report that two new tracks—’Haunt’ and ‘Our Mingled Wires’—have been uploaded to the Myspace player (link below).  Both songs were written and recorded for short films earlier this year.  ‘Haunt’ appears in ‘Deep and Secret Things,’ a short film Jeff both directed and co-wrote with collaborator David Whitten, while ‘Our Mingled Wires’ was recorded for another short film entitled ‘artistic (dis)content.’  More information on the films may be found at http://www.newmythictake.com.
It has been a busy year, but there is not a lot to report otherwise regarding forthcoming recordings or our efforts to get the band back on stage.  It is not, however, out of the question that you could see some sort of new Writ on Water release in 2011.
Writ on Water
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