Steve’s Corner September 2013

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So much has happened since the last issue of DTL came out…sorry for the delay, of course I’m sure if you’re reading this then you are pretty used to delays. Notable events that Matt has already probably covered most of in this issue, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in as well. New releases that I am super stoked about:

Daniel Amos – Dig Here Said the Angel

Lifesavers – Heaven High

Bill Mallonee – Beatitude, Heaven in Your Heart, Montana, NPR Sessions

The Outpouring – Homeland Insecurity

Frontline Records Rewind with Michael Knott and Brian Healy

Unteachers – A Human Comedy (will be out soon) – Look for an interview in the next issue which is coming quickly!

Also check out all the new and super cool adverts for DTL Collective by our friends, support great independent music!

Also, I will write more about this in the next issue, but my favorite author Brennan Manning shook off his mortal coil and passed into Heaven on April 12, 2013. I tried in vain to interview him for quite some time. His books changed my life in dramatic ways, especially The Ragamuffin Gospel which completely altered my perception of myself and Christ in me. I love all of his books and am almost through with his memoir. In my life, his voice will be dearly missed. I will always treasure his words and his unique perspective on life, grace and the love of Abba, and I will forever be self-labeled as a Ragamuffin in this life.