Luxury Recording New Album – 3 Days Left On Its Kickstarter

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Luxury. You think perhaps this desire to make music will fade over time. But it doesn’t. If anything, the memory of its voice gets louder in your head.

Luxury’s last record, Health & Sport, was released in 2005. There was no intention to end things with that record necessarily, but we all know how “way leads on to way” and we would not have been too surprised to find that nothing else was done again. But we find ourselves here in 2013 and the possibility of making a new Luxury record has appeared. This is not too surprising either. The suggestion was made last year and since that time, we have slowly been writing songs, having conversations, considering what can be done, and daring to be optimistic that you, our friends, will help us make a new record a reality.

The money we hope to raise will go toward a variety of expenses, the greatest of which is studio time. The more money we raise, the more studio time and the better quality of record. Additionally, we are creating CD’s, vinyl records, posters, and T-shirts to enhance the whole experience and give you something to hold in your hands. Other costs include travel to actually get us all in the same room and, should we be so fortunate, money for a publicist to get out the word. Lofty goals, indeed.

We began making music together in 1991 and since that time, we have released four recordings on a number of independent labels. There were a lot of shows, a few tours, and that constant tension that anyone who has the good fortune of making music for others is always aware of. Our music has remained obscure, which has allowed us the opportunity to make music for music’s sake. But that obscurity makes it a challenge to continue to release records of any quality. And so we turn to Kickstarter and to you to ask for your participation in funding a new record as well as all the niceties that go along with that. Our goals are lofty. We are still convinced that a record needs to be something you hold in your hand. We are still convinced that music matters, though it seems to be increasingly reduced to mere accessory. And we are convinced that it can change your life. You must change your life.*