Bill Mallonee Releases a New 5-Song Christmas-Themed EP

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Starlight O’er High Desert, the 5 song download album, is out NOW! I am very excited about this one! It is a full-band album (like Dolorosa was.) This 5 song download is a mere $8.50. Recorded over a three week period, Starlight O’er High Desert is driven by big themes & rock sensibilities. It is lush & layer in it’s guitar, bass, keyboard & drum driven instrumentation. It is lyrically reflective, thoughtful & relevant. I think you dig it. Like I said: I am very excited. I think these really are songs you can listen to all year.

The Advent & Christmas season has always served to focus my faith in a diamond-like way. The texts & litugies the Church offers us this time of year speak of God’s risk. They speak of His entry into the world; they speak of light in the face of a darkness, a darkness that man seems incapable of dispersing. They speak of love, justice & compassion, “the weightier matters.” And, the texts speak our new friendship God extends to each and everyone of us. For many reasons, this is our favorite time of year.

In closing, we hope you’ll enjoy the record. Drop us a line here and let us know what you think! Stay in touch. And Thank You for being our “grass-roots!”

We wish you & your loved ones glad tidings and all maner of comfort & joy this Holy Season,
Bill & Muriah”