Texas Hardcore Band Starve Releases “Desperate Measures” EP as Free Download

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December 11, 2015.     OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce the release of the “Desperate Measures,” the debut EP from Abilene, Texas based hardcore band Starve. Hosted by online hardcore and punk webzine IDIOTEQ (http://www.idioteq.com/texas-hardcore-band-starve-premiere-debut-ep/), the six song debut demonstrates the band’s motto:  Wild, Fast, and Loud.   Lyrically, the EP deals with life’s gritty realities, and how cold pain and raw anger from worldly wickedness can lead to desperation and despair.

Starve features Dylan Hayward (vocals), John Hutton (guitar), Cansas Estep (bass), and Tanner Coker (drums).   Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/starvetx
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