The B-Listers release debut “Riots to Soundtracks” EP as free download

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Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the debut release from The B-listers, a free digital download hosted by Indie Vision Music ( The B-listers are a skate punk band made up of three guys who have largely more beard than hair on their heads. They have a love affair for 90’s skate punk, as is evident in much of their music. These guys have earned their scars and stripes in the scene in other punk bands over the years, but still manage to muster up some pretty effective punches in their music. So if you love melody in your punk, enjoy skateboarding or just like hanging out listening to great punk rock with friends whilst having fun, then this band is for you.

Don’t hesitate, skate and listen to the sounds of the B-Listers. The B-listers encourage you to join them and sing-a-long to their punk rock anthems from the heart. So whether you into riots or soundtracks of your youth, or are a fashion disaster, the B-Listers welcome you to their world of infectious punk rock sing-a-longs.


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